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US Dental is a dental clinic centrally located in Paldi area of Ahmedabad. Pioneered by American trained & licensed dentists and dental implant surgeon, this state of the art dental & implant center is equipped to provide US standard of quality dental care to our patients.

The state of the art dental clinic leverages cutting edge dental technologies such as Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery, Fixed Dentures and Cosmetic dentistry procedures such as Teeth Whitening, fix gummy smiles and teeth straightening using Orthodontal treatments etc. A lot of these treatments are done under sedative agent and local anesthesia thus rendering the dental treatment completely painless. Come and experience Pain-free dentistry with US Dental.

We have USA Licensed specialist in our team of qualified professionals to render unmatched highest quality of care. Our Dental hospital has received rave reviews on Google, Facebook and other social media sites. We have numerous awards and accolades including “Best Dental Clinic” , "Best Dentist in Ahmedabad" and winning the prestigious “Top Dentist” Award in the USA.

Why US Dental is the Best Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad?

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Us Dental
Shakuntala Vyas, Dubai
I rate this clinic as the best dental clinic in Gujarat. Superb professional treatment that was painless.
Us Dental
Us Dental
Riyaz Desai, USA
Got my fixed teeth using ‘All on 4’ Dental Implants while I was visiting India from USA. Highly satisfied.
Us Dental
Us Dental
Dr. Ilesh Changela, India
US Dental gave good professional, painless treatment, hygienic procedures, I was really impressed by way of treatment.
Us Dental
Us Dental
Mrugesh Jani, India
World class dentist especially the interiors and top dentists. Very friendly staff as well.
Us Dental

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