I feel my implant is moving. What could be the reason?

The replacement of missing teeth through dental implantation has gained widespread recognition as the foremost treatment option in modern times. Achieving optimal oral health and the seamless integration of the implant within the oral cavity are critical to its success. Therefore, it is imperative that upon receiving the implant, it be appropriately sized and correctly positioned to ensure its longevity and promote oral well-being.

In the event of implant or crown mobility, inflammation of the surrounding gums, or mild to moderate discomfort at the implantation site, it is prudent to seek immediate assistance from a qualified dental implant specialist. Early intervention can facilitate the identification and resolution of the underlying issue, preventing potential implant failure and more severe complications.

Keep Your Smile Intact: Don’t Ignore these Warning Signs of a Loose Implant

  • Movement or wobbling of the implant (You can feel mobility with your tongue or finger/ Dental implant moving)
  • Crown (artificial tooth) is loose
  • Pain or discomfort in the area surrounding the implant.
  • Swelling or inflammation of the gums around the implant.
  • Gums bleeding
  • Crown dislodgement
  • Discoloration around your implant.

Top Reasons for Dental Implant Movement and How to Save Your Smile?

  • Dental crown is loose
  • Abutment is loose
  • Dental implant is loose

Dental Implants

How to Fix loose dental implant?

During your dental visit, the dentist will perform a clinical assessment of your dental crown or abutment to determine the reason behind the looseness. An X-ray may be taken to uncover any hidden issues that may have contributed to the looseness of the crown or abutment. Most of the time crown or abutment can lose after a few years of fixing it. If this is the case, then it is very easy to fix it.

1. Loose dental crown: Dental crown, which is visible part inside the mouth is fixed to the tooth implant using either luting cement or a screw. However, it may loosen over time. If the dental crown comes off intact without any damage, the dentist will clean it and fix it again.

If the crown is broken, then it needs to be removed from the dental implant. A new impression is necessary for fabrication of the crown. Once it is received from the lab, the dentist will fit the crown onto the dental implant.

2. Loose Abutment: The Abutment is the part which provides connection between dental crown and implant. It is tightened to the dental implant with the help of screws.

When the abutment becomes loose there are two possibilities:

• The dentist will try to remove the abutment with a crown. If it comes out without any damage, it can be tightened again with screws.

• If the dentist is not able to remove the abutment, then the crown needs to be cut down first. After that, a new impression is required to fabricate a new crown.

3. Loose dental implant: This is the worst-case scenario when the implant itself becomes loose. You might feel pain, gum inflammation, or discomfort around the dental implants. If a dental implant becomes loose, you need to see your dentist as soon as possible.

A loose dental implant needs to be removed immediately as it can damage adjacent teeth or lead to severe bone loss. If the bone level is good after the removal of the loose implant, another implant can be placed immediately.

If severe bone loss occurs, then after the removal of dental implant, bone grafting needs to be done. The bone then heals to form new bone, providing a strong foundation for future implant placement. If you notice any discomfort around the dental implant, don’t ignore it and visit the dentist to resolve the issue.

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