Botox Treatment Ahmedabad

Why Botox Treatment?

botox-icon Are you worried for your wrinkled skin?
botox-icon Do you feel aged?
botox-icon Does your look affects your confidence level?
botox-icon Do you want to look younger?
If the Answer of all above Question is “Yes”, Botox is just made for you. It will help you to get rid of wrinkled, aged face and help you to look younger, energized and confident

So, rejuvenate your face with Botox in Ahmedabad at US Dental.

What is Botox?

Botox is purified drug which is produced by clostridium botulinum bacteria. This neurotoxin is used to treat muscular conditions and cosmetically removed wrinkles. Now a days Botox is most commonly used in cosmetic surgery treatment. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines by paralyzing muscle. It has proved beneficiary result in treating excessive sweating, TMJ disorder and migraines.

Areas To Be Treated By Botox


How does it works?

Injected Botox prevents release of acetylcholine, a chemical messenger, which is very essential neurotransmitter which binds at junction of nerve endings and leads to contraction of muscle. But due to lack of acetylcholine, it prevents muscle contraction thus it temporally paralyze your muscle. The effect of Botox reduces abnormal muscle contraction and stops wrinkles formation.

At what age I can have Botox Treatment?

Minimum age to get the Botox Treatment is 20 years. There should not be active infection in Botox Treatment area.

If you are allergic to Botox then avoid this treatment. How to know whether I am allergic or not? - For that you can get the test done on hand with low dose of Botox and wait for one or two day.

Why Dentist for Botox Treatment?

Dentist or Dental surgeons are the professionals who deal with face area in their routine practice. They are well versed with certain procedures like giving blocks, extraction, dentures, smile designing etc.

Dentists have special training in facial anatomy, pharmacology of products and its reactions towards facial areas. Even due to advance training in oral and maxillofacial areas they deal better with complications in facial areas. That’s why you can trust your dentist for Botox Treatment.

At US Dental, we have well- trained and specialist Cosmetic Doctors who serves best face rejuvenation with the help of Botox and Fillers. So, Contact US Dental now and get younger look with Botox Treatment in Ahmedabad at US Dental.