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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Indications for extraction of wisdom teeth

In general, dental and medical professionals agree that wisdom teeth should be removed in the following instances:
1. infections and/or periodontal disease
2. cavities that cannot be restored
3. pathologies such as cysts, and tumors
4. damage to neighboring teeth.
Wisdom teeth that are completely erupted and functional, painless, cavity-free, in a hygienic environment with healthy gum tissue, and are disease-free may not require extraction. They do, however, require regular, professional cleaning, annual check-ups and periodic radiographs to monitor for any changes.

Why US Dental?

The professionals at US dental are highly qualified and equipped with latest technology to diagnose and remove impacted wisdom teeth. After thorough clinical assessment aided by X ray examinations, diagnosis of impacted wisdom teeth is established and treatment is rendered. We utilize various techniques of sedation such as nitrous oxide inhalation gas anesthesia, oral anesthesia and Intravenous anesthesia to make the surgery practically pain free. Our staff includes Oral surgeons (specialist in removal of impacted wisdom teeth) and anesthesiologists to provide highest quality of treatment.