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Dental Clinic for women by women
Female Dentist in Ahmedabad

US Dental – A Center for advanced dentistry is one of its kind Multi-specialty
dental and cosmetic centre in Ahmedabad which is 100% owned and managed by women.

“We offer along with regular dental treatments like Crowns, Bridges and Implants various offerings especially geared towards women such as Teeth Whitening, Teeth Jewellery, Smile Enhancements using Gum surgery and latest technology such as Dental Veneers and Clear Aligners”. Each of the Dentists, Specialists and Surgeons are top in their respective fields and construct their treatment plans that are backed up by research and practice evidence based dentistry.

At US Dental, women can feel at ease and get variety of treatments done through highly experienced women dentists, practicing the American standard of care with pain free dentistry as their philosophy.

“The all-star-women team at US Dental is magical” says Dr. Sayma – “We have 100s of reviews on Google and other social media with a 5 star rating from patients around the world. This goes on to prove that women can now run organizations can excel and get recognized at a global level”.

Vision of Female Dentist and a Founder

Diplomate, MDS, USA (University of Houston, Texas) in Periodontist and Implant Surgery – A Gold medallist and a top dentist award winner, Dr. Sayma Memon returned to her roots in India after practicing and spending more than 10 years in the USA, to establish ‘US Dental’ - a state of the art center for advanced dentistry in Paldi, Ahmedabad.

During her MDS years she focused her research work in ‘Implants in older Women with Osteoporosis’. “Women have a different bone physiology and hence requires empathy and understanding from the Dentist – The surgeon has to understand that they have to be treated different” says Dr. Sayma. She assembled a team of top notch Women Specialists that include cosmetic dentists, prosthodontist, endodontist, orthodontist, and general dentists. As Dr. Sayma smiles and says, “I started out by trying to create an ambience at US Dental where I would feel comfortable bringing my mother and my own daughter for dental treatment. I realised this something that a lot of other women are looking for. What makes it exciting is meeting women from all walks of life and all age groups not only from in and around Ahmedabad, but from around the world. They call come to US Dental and go back with a healthy smile and a renewed self-confidence – and that’s what makes my day”!

Why Women Only Dental Clinic?

Strongly believing in women entrepreneurship while focusing on women empowerment, a wife, daughter, daughter-in-law and a mother of two Dr Sayma is a family person at heart. “Going to the dentist is a very up-close and a personal experience especially for a woman. Having grown up in India that too in a small town like Bhuj I know a lot of woman like my mother, sisters or girls in my neighbourhood who always preferred to go to a female dentist. I fully understand how having an all Women Operated Dental Clinic gives them a level comfort.”

“The clinic is open from Mon to Sat 9 AM to 8 PM thus giving busy mothers and wives time to visit our clinic at their convenience – we see a lot of women visiting us during afternoon hours because they are only free during that time” says Office Manager Khushali. "That’s why now on Tue and Thursdays from 2 PM – 5 PM we have a "Ladies Only" hours and we give them special treatments and even discounts during that time"

When everyone is just talking about women empowerment, US Dental is a real-life example for all the aspiring women to build their dreams into a reality.