Bad Breath Treatment Ahmedabad

Treatment of bad breath caused by gum disease

1. Professional dental cleaning and routine dental check up

The American Dental Association recommends professional cleanings and a routine dental check up twice each year. During routine check ups, signs of developing gum disease if any are identified and treatment is rendered to prevent further progression of the disease. Professional cleanings remove plaque residue, which improves mouth odor.

2. Scaling and root planing/ deep cleaning

More advanced stages of gum disease can be treated with scaling and root planing, which is a procedure that scrapes away plaque residue and tartar beneath the gum lines

3. Gum surgery

When gum disease is extremely advanced, it may require a surgical intervention called pocket reduction surgery. During this procedure, the gums are actually lifted from the teeth and the underlying bone is smoothed so that the gums will fit tightly around the teeth without pocketsThe professionals at US dental are highly qualified and equipped with latest technology to diagnose and treat the toothache. After thorough clinical assessment aided by X ray examinations, diagnosis of toothache is established and the treatment is rendered to alleviate the tooth pain.