What is the best option for replacing missing teeth?

A male patient visited US Dental clinic in Ahmedabad with the chief complaint of missing teeth. As the front teeth were missing it was affecting his confidence. Patient wanted to restore his missing teeth to improve his smile and restore function of teeth.

On examination the lower two front teeth were missing due to losing teeth earlier. The patient is quite young and does not want a loose denture. Patient has been given the option for dental implant or dental bridge as a fixed option to replace missing teeth.

What Can You Do for Missing Teeth?

Patient opted for a dental bridge (PFM) as he wanted to go with a cost-effective option as well as he wanted to get it done with treatment with short duration due to time constraint.

As adjacent teeth also show a bit of bone loss and it was shifted from original space, the patient has advised for root canal treatment for those teeth as it required little bit more modification to improve pathway for final dental bridge.

It for both teeth finishes in two sittings and measurement for dental bridge fabrication is taken. Once we receive it, the final bridge from the lab patient is scheduled for bridge cementation. PFM (porcelain fused metal) bridge fixed on adjacent teeth with luting cement with standard protocol.

Before and After Options for Replacing Lost Teeth



Dental implants are the best option nowadays to replace missing teeth as it does not require alteration of adjacent teeth, but traditional bridge is still a good option in those patients who want an affordable option, in case implant is not possible or does not have enough time for conventional implant.

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