Is the Zirconia crown better than metal ceramic crown?

Dental crown is necessary to support weak teeth after root canal treatment. Dentists also recommend dental crown for missing teeth, crooked teeth, discolored teeth, or broken teeth.

There are various types of crowns available like metal crown, metal ceramic crown, full ceramic crown such as E-max crown and zirconia crown. Sometimes it is difficult to choose when dentists suggest various options. There are always some pros and cons for different materials.

Zirconia Crown vs Metal Ceramic Crown

In some cases, the dentist will have a better idea which crown is best for the patient depending on the situation like how much teeth structure is left, location of teeth, remaining height of teeth and function of teeth.

In recent times metal free zirconia has become the choice of material for crown with its advantages over another crown. Zirconia crowns are made of zirconium dioxide. Zirconium dioxide is used in various surgical procedures over the decades but use of zirconia in dentistry is relatively recent.

Why Zirconia Crown is better than Metal Ceramic Crown?

  • Aesthetic: The main advantages of zirconia are they are metal free crowns which makes them more aesthetically pleasing. Due to the absence of metal, it allows transmission and reflection of light like our natural teeth unless the metal ceramic crown does not allow light to pass. Another issue we have seen with metal ceramic crowns is over the time when gums receding leave black line along with gums. As the zirconia are metal free it will not cause any problem like this.
  • Strength: The biggest advantage of zirconium is its high strength value. Zirconia will be the good choice for molar teeth as the maximum chewing force come on the back teeth.
  • Function: we can select the zirconia crown for back as well as front teeth. It can withstand the heavy chewing force of back teeth due to strength and in front teeth we can get a natural smile as in the absence of metal.
  • Bio-Compatibility: zirconia crown does not include metal so does not cause any metal allergy or inflammation. They are totally harmless and biocompatible with surrounding gums. The Zirconia crown does not rot the remaining tooth stump which is sometimes observed with metal ceramic crowns.
  • Durability: With the use of recent technology like CAD CAM and laser sintering which makes more precise zirconium crowns which snuggly fit over teeth. Crowns made with monolithic zirconia are more durable. With the above listed superior quality of zirconia crowns there are some drawbacks. One of the most factors which concern the patient to select zirconia crown is:
  • Cost: Zirconia crowns are relatively costly when compared to other crowns. It costs twice compared to metal ceramic crown. As the zirconia crown made by recent technology you will get the certain period of warranty on your crown, so you do not have to worry about repairing or replacement of crown during your warranty period.
  • Wear and Tear of the opposing tooth: As the zirconium dioxide is strongest material in some cases it might wear down your opposing tooth.
  • Opacity of Crown When we compare the zirconia crown with E- max (Lithium disilicate) crowns they have more opacity which gives a certain limit in translucent tooth to select shade. In such cases E-Max crowns give more desirable results.

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