Permanent Tooth Eruption – Pediatric Dentist in Ahmedabad

8-year-old kid reported to US Dental Clinic center with a concern of non-erupted permanent tooth for 8 months. Patient’s parents were very anxious regarding the missing area for 8 months as the lower baby tooth had already fallen out and new teeth did not erupt in the oral cavity. After clinical and radiographic examination, it was seen that permanent tooth of the kid was soft tissue impacted.

The patient was advised to go for a small flap procedure to expose the impacted tooth. An injection was given at the surgical site area, and a small flap procedure was done. Patient’s parents were advised to watch the kid for 1 hour till injection effect was there so that the kid doesn’t bite the lip. Mouth guard was also given to prevent the lip bite.

After three days, the patient was called for follow up and parents were informed that kid was doing fine and was extremely happy with his new teeth. US Dental was happy that the kid was smiling again with a happy smile.

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