Just think when you wake up in morning and you find that you don’t have teeth? Definitely you will avoid going out in public. Even small pimple over face makes your life disturbed. So these things make a lot of difference in our life. No teeth in mouth affect our confidence. And indirectly it will affect our general health too. So let’s find out the reasons how we lose teeth. In old age group this process is quite obvious, but sometimes due to trauma young people also lose teeth. #Dental cavities – most common reason for tooth loss. So you need to clean your teeth and have regular dental check up. Avoid cariogenic food like chocolates, sweets, etc to avoid dental caries. #Accidents – bike fall, ball hit, fighting, etc leads to teeth fall. So best remedy is to keep yourself away from such situations. #Systemic disease – some disease like diabetes and blood pressure will affect your oral health .such disease will make your gums weak and gums are the bodyguard of your teeth. Once gums are affected then it’s check mate. #Periodontal disease – periodontal disease is “silent killer” it slowly affect your oral health without any symptoms. So best way to prevent this disease is to follow good oral habits like regular flossing, brushing twice a day, use of mouthwash and regular dental check-ups. Once your teeth are missing then what to do. Now days due to latest technology we have multiple options like, •Bridge •Denture •Implants So now you don’t need to worry, the thing you need to do is, call your doctor and fix your appointment. And you can go for any of these options and get back your confidence.

“Stay healthy and Stay blessed”