Caring for your child dental health is one of the most challenging jobs of all. Parents are worried about their children’s teeth problem and they want to improve their children’s dental health but don’t know the best ways for that. So here are some of the tips which you should follow. As everyone is aware about the quote “Prevention is better than cure” 1) Limit the intake of chocolates, Ice – cream, cold drink and sweet food. Chocolates, cold drinks, sweet food and ice cream have the ability to produce acid which can directly damage the tooth structure. So limit the intake of sugary and sticky food products throughout the day. 2) Clean your child’s teeth twice a day. # Kids learn fast by the visual sense so try to show them animated videos of brushing to motivate them. # If possible, brush with your child twice a day to inculcate a regular regimen of brushing from an early age. # Make brushing interesting for children, Use their favorite character toothbrush. # Maintain Goals on a brushing calendar and reward your child when they achieve that goal. # Play 1 or 2 min song and tell them to brush till the song ends. # Use fluoride toothpaste. # Rinse their mouth with proper mouthwash after each meal. 3) Don’t put your child to bed with milk bottle in the mouth. Cleaning baby’s teeth and gums with a wet cloth after the feeding helps to protect the teeth and gums from bacteria-forming plaque and sugar that are present on it. 4) Remove the habits of Thumb sucking, Tongue thrusting and pacifier habits. These may cause mal-alignment in mouth. 5) Visit the dentist twice in a year for your regular examination. Regular check-ups are the best way to catch problems before they become painful. Don’t wait to take your child to dentist when their teeth are in trouble because that will create an impact on child’s mind that if we are going to dentist then there is a problem in the teeth which might scares him to go to dentist.