#1: Is your dentist educated enough ? Dentistry has changed a lot since your dentist graduated from dental school. There have been major advances in most materials used in fillings, bonding and root canals. If your dentist is not actively engaged in continuing education, it is unlikely that he or she is keeping up with these developments.   #2: Do your dentist uses latest technology for the treatment ? Digital x-ray & intraoral cameras: Dentists who do not have digital x-ray equipment are practicing in the dark ages. Digital x-rays emit 80% less radiation than a regular x-ray machine & intraoral cameras provides visualization during advance surgeries. International standard of infection control: Your dentist must have the best in class sterilization equipment-Melag class B autoclave. All instruments must be autoclaved & sealed before each use. Ultrasonic Cleaning: Ultrasonic instruments vibrate plaque and calculus off your teeth, even in areas below your gums. It is much more comfortable than old-fashioned hand scraping.  #3: Does your dentist uses mercury ?  Mercury is toxic. Norway and Sweden have banned the use of mercury fillings. But mercury fillings are less expensive and easier for the dentist to use. If your dentist does not use composite fillings, don’t go to that dentist any more.  #4 : Are you visiting the right dentist for dental implants ? Since dental implants involve the removal of a tooth and replacing it with an artificial tooth, many patients assume that an oral surgeon is best qualified to do it. This can be a flawed assumption. Periodontists, who specialize in gum disease, may be a better option. Periodontists have special training in gum tissue and underlying bone in the mouth, which are significant issues in dental implants. #5: Bad dental advice about dentures can be fatal! Dentures are no joke. Your dentist should examine your dentures for evidence of wear. Wearing down the teeth on your dentures can result in distorted facial characteristics, collapse of the bite and closure of the airway. #6: Not all cosmetic dentists have the skills to really improve your smile. Any dentist can call herself a “cosmetic dentist.” Your dentist should be able to show you ten or more before and after photographs or videos, and be willing to give you the names of patients who have consented to be used as references.

“Smile begins where healing begins”

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