The regular teeth that we see in every another person around us are misaligned, this is the time when orthodontics come into the picture. In Dentistry, we have a specialist for proper positioning of your teeth that is Orthodontics, they specialize in treating patients with misaligned teeth so that they can have a perfect and beautiful set of teeth. Orthodontics deals with different aspects of facial development, it deals with twin benefit of shaping as well as advancement of your jaw. usdental102017
Different types of Braces
Traditional Braces
  1. Metal Braces Metal Braces are a type of braces where metal brackets are attached to each tooth using a particular kind of cement. These brackets are interlinked through a help of thin archwire which exerts pressure on the teeth to move them slowly into the correct position. The thin archwire is connected to the brackets using tiny elastic O-ring or also known as Ligatures.Orthodontics will change the ligatures each time when he/she will tighten the braces. usdental1102017 2. Ceramic Braces Ceramic Braces are clear and transparent when compared to metal braces. They are useful to those people who are more conscious about their braces as these are less visible to others. These braces are known as ceramic braces as they are made up of ceramic material which is a preferable choice for teenagers and adults who need orthodontic treatment.
Self-Ligating Damon Braces The advantages of self-ligating braces over traditional braces is that the treatment time is comparatively reduced, it is faster and more comfortable orthodontic dental procedure as compared to the traditional process.
  1. Metal Braces A specialized clip is used instead of elastics or thin archwire in self-ligating metal braces. The amount of pressure placed on the teeth is reduced in these metal clip and also it requires lesser adjustment because there are no elastic which is to be replaced.usdental202017
  2. Ceramic Braces Ceramic braces are made up of clear materials and are comparatively less visible on your teeth than metal braces which majorly caters attention of teenagers and adult patients who are more concerned about how the braces will modify or enhance their looks.usdental302017
Decorative Braces For kids, we’ve got vibrant and fashionable braces which have style of flower, Paddy, and heart in order to make braces more fun and attention-grabbing for them, which will embrace multiple advantages like alignment as well as visual interest for them.  How to accelerate orthodontic treatment? There are basically two methods to accelerate orthodontic treatment:
  1. Propel Accelerated Orthodontic We have patients who give us the feedback on the braces that they want to remove the braces as soon as possible.Propel is a brand new orthodontics procedure that can minimize the time needed by more than half of the previous time that was required during the treatment. This treatment uses micro-osteoperforations to enhance tooth movement and regrowth of bone.
  2. Acceledent Aura usdental402017 To facilitate minor anterior tooth movement, Acceledent Aura uses appliances such as braces and helps facilitate tooth movement. It should be used for a total of twenty minutes per day in a single session of your treatment.Braces are no more a scary or conventional process with Orthodontics you’ll be able to get multiple types of choices which would be set in keeping up with your necessities. We here at US Dental have specialized orthodontics which deals into Braces with the latest technology. In case you’ve got any queries relating to Orthodontics contact US Dental, we would be happy to assist you at any time.
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