What new do we have for our patients? This question mostly arises from our patients that they are looking for something different or innovative through which they can enhance their smile. We are offering you a latest trend that is waiting for you: Tooth Jewellery. In this constant innovative world, we have Cosmetic Dentistry which is growing at a rapid pace to find out a new revolutionary change that we can provide to our patients. Do not limit yourself to visit your dentist only when you are facing issues in your dental problem like tooth pain, missing teeth, gum swelling or teeth cleaning. US Dental, have started an accessory for tooth as well which can give you a sparkling smile setting you apart from the crowd. diwali-blog Varieties in Tooth Jewellery We are offering multiple varieties of tooth jewelry for both male and female depending on their preference, they can choose any of the design. Tooth adornments is accessible in various colors and shape like perfectly clear, sapphire blue, ruby red and there is preferences of two sizes – 1.8mm, 2.6mm. The cost of the Teeth Jewellery depends upon the diamond and the size that is preferable by you. You can prefer the least expensive diamond that would be rainbow crystals to the expensive one, it would take a minimal amount to be really unique and fashionable. With tooth jewelry you have a chance to decorate your teeth with high-quality tooth jewellery. diwali-blog2 Procedure of attaching Teeth Jewellery After the selection of the tooth jewelry the first process is to clean the tooth with a fluoride, the next step would be to increase the surface area for bonding which is etched for 20 to 30 seconds. Further, the surface is rinsed thoroughly with water and then it is left to dry. A light curing holding agent is applied and left on for a maximum time of 20 seconds, after that process minimal amount of flow composite is applied on the surface where the diamond is to be placed. Using a jewelry handler, the diamond is been pressed into the middle of the composite. The composite is cured from all sides with the light curing light.
Facts about Tooth Jewellery
Painless Procedure
Tooth Jewelry is painless and non-invasive process as the diamond is attached to the teeth through a composite material.
User friendly process
Teeth Jewelry can be removed and replaced anytime according to your preference. Once the teeth jewelry is been removed or replaced it has no effect on the tooth enamel. The entire process of attaching the tooth jewellery takes only 10-15 minutes and it is 100% convertible. Tooth Jewelry does not hinder your regular brushing even if you use electric toothbrush. You can conduct your day to day routine without any concern about the diamond attached, treatment for your other dental process is also not a concern. We at US Dental, work constantly to innovate or bring in a new trend that we can offer to our patients so that we can enhance your smile ensuring qualitative, painless and high-standard treatment. So, don’t wait to create your dazzling smile with diamonds. Come to US Dental, “the best dental clinic in Ahmedabad” in this Diwali season, to stand out from the crowd and create a sparkling pearly smile. dental consultation online free Contact us on 8980623275 for more details or you can E-mail us on info@usdental.in

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