In General Dentistry, Teeth Cleaning is a normal process that is performed on patient’s to keep their regular hygiene and gums stronger. Teeth Scaling is a regular day to day cleaning process where patients come for the removal of plaque buildup, it is a routine dental scaling which helps patient with prevention of Gum Disease. With the right technique using a brush, standard cleaning can be addressed on the surface of the tooth while in Teeth Scaling, it goes much deeper. How-can-Teeth-Scaling-help-you-with-an-everlasting-smile What is Scaling? The procedure where deep scaling and root planning of the teeth is referred by the dentist is Teeth Scaling. For patients with Gum Disease, Teeth Scaling is a common dental procedure recommended by a dental surgeon. Teeth Scaling is a type of cleaning whereby the plaque buildup is removed from below the Gum line. Sometimes, this process of teeth scaling goes beyond the regular general cleaning and annual visit that you give to your dentist. How-can-Teeth-Scaling-help-you-with-an-everlasting-smile1 Importance of Teeth Cleaning  We can generally see people around us having some form of plaque on their teeth due to their unhygienic habits like tobacco, smoking, food contamination, etc. Let’s know about how, food contamination affect your teeth, when you have your food, there are tiny particles such as sugar that form the buildup on your teeth which is known as plaque. The bacteria that is formed on your teeth can result to Gum Disease and Tooth Decay. In our mouth, we have bacteria, saliva and protein that covers our teeth mostly all the time. Brushing and cleaning twice a day can help to remove a lot of this plaque and avoid the dental visit that you have to make generally and also prevent other serious disease. Gum Disease is a severe issue as the plaque buildup affects the tissue first, which makes the gum weaker. If you want your gums to be stronger, we need to remove the plaque buildup otherwise it may cause you severe damage. Gum disease would lead to deeper gaps which may worsen your problem and may cause symptoms like bad breath. When would your Dentist recommend Teeth Scaling? When your Gums are not healthy? How-can-Teeth-Scaling-help-you-with-an-everlasting-smile2 You get to know that your gums are healthy if it is attached to your tooth just 1 to 3 millimeter below your Gum line. If your gum pockets is more than 3, your dentist would recommend you to have your Teeth Scaling done, to remove the plaque buildup below your gum line and keep it away from Gum disease. No more worry about the yellow shade of your teeth or the plaque buildup which might hinder your confidence in front of your peers, colleagues or society. Now with your Teeth Scaling in US Dental “the best dental clinic in Ahmedabad”, you will get the pearly white smile back within an hour. Your Smile is the best accessory that you can wear all the time if you have the confidence of a shiny teeth. Smile guys, you can click more selfies now with Teeth Scaling! Let’s bring your confidence back. Book your free appointment with us and get exciting discounts on all treatments. dental consultation online free Contact us on 8980623275 for more details or you can E-mail us on

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