Which Invisible Braces are best?

Everyone dreams of a perfect smile without any crooked teeth. A pleasant smile makes us more confident. But no one is born with properly aligned teeth. An unaesthetic smile, crooked teeth, constant jaw pain due to misaligned teeth are the reasons that you need to visit a dentist.

Patients come and do the consultation to correct their smile but as they hear the word braces, they are not feeling comfortable due to that metallic smile, or someone is in the profession where they can’t wear the braces.

Invisible Braces Vs Traditional Braces

In old school dentistry only, traditional braces were the only option to correct the teeth alignment but today in digital dentistry we have the option of clear aligners also known as invisible braces.

Which Invisible Braces are best?

How do I choose the best invisible braces?

Clear braces give you a beautiful smile without any discomfort, pain and ulceration which is quite common with braces. With all the advantages of the clear aligners the only factor which constraints the patient to select aligners as a treatment option is Cost.

Yes, the clear aligners cost you more than traditional braces, but you can save money and time comparatively. With braces you must visit your dentist every month for adjustment and tighten the wire while in clear braces you have 2 to 3 appointments when you start the treatment then you just must wear your trays at home with instruction. No need to take off from the office or college, no waiting period at dental office, no need to drive to the dental clinic and most importantly it is not fixed on your teeth so you can take off while eating and when you want to attend the function, which is not possible with traditional braces.

In a recent year there are multiple companies arriving in the market due to that aligner’s prices have come down. Also, some companies offer home visit aligners which are cheaper than ceramic braces. But cheaper does not necessarily better. We always recommend getting your treatment under guidance of an expert dentist as well as from the certified FDA approved company.

We at US Dental provide a wide range of clear aligners options to satisfied patient needs and which are available in India.
  • Invisalign (USA)
  • K- line (Germany)
  • 3M Clear aligners
  • Illusion dental lab (FDA Approved, Mumbai)
  • Dent care lab (FDA Approved, Kerala)

How to Start?

you need to visit the dentist for clinical evaluation for your smile and alignment. Next, they will schedule your appointment for scanning and get the 3D plan done. You can get an idea about the post treatment result, treatment duration and any additional procedure required. After everything is finalized, you get your set of trays that need to be worn according to the instructions.

So why wait!!! smile confidently and start your straightening journey with US Dental.

Looking for A Dentist for A Painless Dental Braces Treatment?

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