Replacing Missing or Broken Front Teeth – Case of the Month

Patient has visited us to replace his broken front tooth. Patient has a history of trauma to the tooth in his childhood and was left untreated.

During his consultation the tooth seemed unrestorable. Tooth was highly carious and broken. Patient was advised to get a dental implant to replace the tooth as the patient is younger and there are several advantages over conventional bridges to replace missing teeth. You can visit our blog section to find out the difference between implant and bridge.

Front Tooth Replacement: What’s The Best Option for You?

Replacing Missing or Broken Front Teeth - Case of the Month

Dental implant procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. Small incision is given at the front tooth region. Broken tooth was removed carefully to avoid damage to the surrounding bone as we have done immediate placement of implant to minimize healing period and patient sitting. Temporary acrylic cap was given on top of implant.

After completion of 3 months the appropriate healing patient was recalled for the final crown. Temporary cap was removed, and final measurement sent to the lab for fabrication of implant prosthesis. Cement retained zirconia crown fixed on dental implant with luting cement.

Replacing Missing or Broken Front Teeth - Case of the Month

Patient is happy with the result and a new smile. He has got back his lost smile with his new teeth which fulfill both natural function and esthetic.

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