Will Deep Cleaning Stop Gum Disease?

Sometimes, regular cleaning and polishing is not enough to prevent advanced gum diseases. In that case, it is mandatory to cure or prevent gum issues.

What is Deep Cleaning?

It is the procedure to clean the plaque and tartar below the gum line or on to the root surface which is also called root planning. This kind of special cleaning is needed when tartar builds -up and destroys gum health.

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What are the Causes of Gum Disease or Poor Gum Health?

Generally, dental plaque and tartar contain bacteria and they are responsible for poor gum health. Some bacteria are always there in the mouth and saliva, however, if you are keeping your oral cavity clean, they will not affect aggressively. But one should notice that some deposits accumulate around the gum line, and it is difficult to clean at home. These depositions can widen the gap between the root of the tooth and bone and detachment of the tissues will occur. That will allow more bacteria to invade, and pockets will be formed. Such things can develop gum recession and people may feel gum shrinkage.

When should I Get Deep Cleaning Done?

You may observe some signs like redness of the gums. In fact, sometimes, gums may also be tender. You will have pain while brushing or chewing. Bleeding gums is the first sign of gum damage. In gum disease, you may observe gum swelling too. These are the symptoms which you can feel, and this is the time to go for cleaning. Your dentist will check for the pockets with a special probe. Sometimes, a dentist may take x-rays to check for bone loss. In the case of a deep pocket, cleaning is required. Which will help to reduce the inflammation and infection of the gums.

How Will Deep Cleaning Work to Get Rid of My Gum Issues?

It is done with the special instrument. Ultrasonic scaler is used which works on vibration and water. This instrument gently scrapes away plaque and tartar and cleans the root surfaces of teeth. Dentist will also do the smoothening of root surfaces so further bacteria will not colonize and prevent further infection. In severe cases, oral antibiotics and local application of antibiotics can help to reduce the gum infection. Some mouthwashes are also useful to maintain oral health. Patients are asked to come for follow-up every 3 months initially which is followed by once in 6 months. On every visit, dentist will observe the condition of the gums and do required cleaning. By this way, gum diseases can be prevented or can be reduced eventually. Regular visits to the dentist may help you to avoid gum surgeries.

In a nutshell, it will control infection and inflammation of gums and it will assist to promote the gums health. Healthy gums are always good for your teeth and oral cavity and of course for your overall health.


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