Bad Breath! Something that embarrasses us every time we talk or when we have a close conversation at any place. Sometimes it is temporary, but in some cases; it continues to increase. Have you ever wondered what causes it? Let us read here the reasons that create a situation of bad mouth breath and embarrass us all the time.

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Food! What are you eating? Food is the main and important element that can majorly affect our breath. Some food gives temporary bad breath. Food item & ingredients like onion, garlic, coffee, spicy food leaves a bad mouth breath because of its strong odor. In such cases, brush your teeth properly, chew gums, use good mouthwash for fresh breath. Tobacco. Do you have any poor habit? If you have a habit to chew tobacco or smoke, it is important to note that it causes it. Not just this, it increases the possibilities of oral cancer, stained teeth and irritated gums. We advises to quit the idea of smoking and consuming tobacco to feel good fresh breath throughout and live a healthy life. Dental Cavity & Gum Disease In case of crowded teeth, ill-fitted dental appliances which are part of dental treatment procedure & course gives it. Make sure that nothing causes problems and look for your dentist to rule out oral care issues. Bacteria When one does not brush properly or floss or visit dentists regularly, bacteria do not exit from their mouth area. The stickiness in the mouth leads to it. US Dental advice to brush twice in a day to keep bacteria away and visit the Dentist to make sure that bacteria always stay away. Any disease When you have any respiratory issues, sinus infections or tonsillitis, it can also cause it. When a doctor prescribes medicine for a health concern, it can result in it. In situations like these, US Dental advises talking with your doctor. Dry Mouth When there is a lack of saliva, a condition of dry mouth is created.  The reasons for dry mouth can be some type of medications, smoking or mouth breathing or it can also be a symptom of any concern. Your dentist can provide you with the best remedy for dry mouth and both. What are some steps that you can take to prevent bad breath?
  1. Brush your teeth properly twice a day. Don’t forget to brush your teeth also.
  2. Keep the practice of visiting your dentists regularly.
  3. Avoid or stop smoking habit
  4. Drink a lot of water
  5. Maintain a log of food that you eat to help your dentist to review your eating habit.
The best advice, suggestion and type of treatment in case of it can only be given by a dentist. Looking for a specialist to determine the type of odor and give you a fuss-free dental treatment? US Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is a world-class dental treatment provider pioneered by American trained and licensed dentists and dental implant surgeon. With state of the art dental & implant centre, we provide US standard quality dental care to all the patients ensuring a great dental treatment experience.
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