The simple definition of a dentist is someone qualified to treat diseases that affect teeth, gums, it’s repairs, extraction and insertion of the artificial teeth. But there are various teeth issues that occur and many dental treatments advised for different types of dental problems. It is important for each one of us to know what type of dentist we should look for in case of different types of pain or dental problems. Don’t worry, US dental has the answer to this question. Pediatric/Pedodontist Dentist: We can call a child specialist for teeth as a pediatric or pedodontist. They work for treating and taking care of children’s teeth and performs to deliver a positive treatment to the children. Their constant care, caring touch aims to build good oral health care for the patients. Orthodontist: Whenever any solutions like braces, Invisalign or retainers come into the picture, note that orthodontists are the specialists for the same.  Orthodontists are individuals that are associated with misaligned teeth for children and adults. It is quite normal if your doctor refers your child to an orthodontist at an early age of seven. Endodontist: The meaning of the word- “endo” is inside and “odont” is a tooth, therefore it clearly says about the one who addresses tooth pain and infected tissues within a tooth. This type of dental specialists works on the teeth with the help of root canal treatment to save the natural teeth. Periodontist: A periodontist is the one that treats and takes care of the gums and supporting tissues around the teeth. This type of specialist helps in treating the periodontal disease. They are also the dental implant placement specialists. Prosthodontist: If you ever think of restoring your tooth or consider replacing your lost or damaged teeth, then you need to consult a prosthodontist for the same.  A prosthodontist works for giving a functional and a natural smile to its patients. They perform to give a treatment by placing bridges & dentures. We hope that all your confusions and questions on types of dentists are clear by now. If you face any dental problem, US dental advises to visit your dentist and undergo the most suitable dental treatment suggested by your dentist. Looking for A Pain-Free Dental Treatment? US Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is a world-class dental treatment provider pioneered by American trained and licensed dentists and dental implant surgeon. With state of the art dental & implant centre, US Dental provides US standard quality dental care to all the patients ensuring a great dental treatment experience.
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