What is tooth sensitivity? Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common dental problems in the world. A sharp and sudden pain which fades away in seconds is called tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity occurs when either the enamel (the hardest layer of the tooth) gets thinner or the gums protecting underlying roots gets exposed. In short, exposure of dentine (having nerve endings) results in dentine hypersensitivity. Symptoms Cold, sweet or hot food or fluid intakes make your teeth sensitive (pain) which gives you short, sharp pain is tooth sensitivity first and it is a confirmed sign. What causes tooth sensitivity? Cause /reasons:
  • Hard and wrong brushing technique can wear down your enamel layer.
  • Excess of vomiting leads to erosion of the enamel layer.
  • Gum recession can expose dentinal tubules of root.
  • A cracked tooth can also create communication of external fluids into dentinal tubules.
  • Tooth decay is also one of the reasons of sensitivity.
  • Plaque deposition can cause sensitivity.
  • Teeth clenching or bruxism leads to immense teeth wear.
  • There can be teeth sensitivity issues after bleaching treatment, faulty filling etc.
  • More intake of acidic food reduces enamel layer, etc. are the reasons for tooth sensitivity.
How can you prevent teeth sensitivity?
  1. If the reason for tooth sensitivity is root exposure, then you must go for root coverage procedure i.e. flap surgery.
  2. If sensitivity is due to erosion of enamel, then you must use fluoride toothpaste or in- office teeth desensitizing therapy.
  3. If sensitivity is due to decay, then the good marginal adapting filling is needed and if the decay is deep then root canal can also be one of the treatment choices.
  4. Desensitizing mouth wash and paste should be used for a few weeks.
  5. A patient having teeth grinding habit should wear a night guard to prevent teeth wear.
  6. Use soft bristle toothbrush and floss daily.
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