Being a person with festivity in heart, we all love to celebrate each festival wonderfully whether it could be Diwali, Christmas, and Eid or festival of kite, dance or colour. List is very long. Beauty of each festival is – it has its own rituals and meaning to make us healthy, happy and relax. The same with Holi-Dhuleti. You might have watch surf-excel ad saying “Daag achche he..! (Stains are good!)’ Following the same story, we love to celebrate festival of colour. Not only in India, but various country celebrates this festival differently and purposefully (only then, stains are good). Yes, not only Stains but everything is good and perfect until it’s not harming and spoiling our health. Playing with colours carefully does gives us happiness, but would you like to have that stains throughout the year on your face or body? You’ll go for good cleaning and facial so that it won’t remain with you. Have you ever think same for the stains located on your teeth? You have not given much attention or importance to it right! Because, no one will see to it (you have assumed like this). Here, you’re wrong my dear. As per the research, your smile is highly analysed by other people when you meet them. Irrespective of what people see or observe, are you ready to face consequences of that tooth stains? Do you believe that your smile also affects your confidence? If you believe so, you’re not on a wrong path but more important is – do you really care for it, have you ever done your smile assessment? Chewing tobacco or heavy intake of tea-coffee or smoking may give you happiness (of course for a moment) but the impact it leaves on your teeth will harmful to you.
  • It creates teeth cavities
  • Leads to a toothache and gum diseases like periodontitis
  • Spoils your smile and confident as well
  • May also lead to issue of low mouth opening
  • May leads to oral cancer or other non-cancerous oral diseases
How to stay away from Tooth stains?
  • Intake of healthy food, drinks and water
  • Regular brushing and flossing
  • Regular professional teeth cleaning (after every six to eight months)
Many of us have complain that isn’t daily brushing and flossing is enough? Why to go for professional teeth scaling? Is it necessary? Answer is yes. We eat hundreds of things in a day and so, practice of good cleaning at home won’t suffice because few particles of food remain in the teeth and after some period it starts creating tarter on your teeth and gums. And thus, teeth cleaning is necessary. What is teeth cleaning/scaling and how it is helpful? Teeth Scaling is thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums. In this process dentist cleans your teeth and gums with the help of different tools like hand scalars or ultrasonic scalars to lose and remove deposits from the teeth. When the gingivitis is left untreated, it can spread to the bone which known as periodontitis, in that case dentist will advise you to go for deep cleaning with or without root planning depending on the severity of gums disease. severity-of-gums-disease If teeth cleaning is not done on regular basis, it increases level of tartars and causing gums. In that case one must go for Deep Cleaning of teeth. Deep Cleaning This procedure goes deeper than a regular cleaning to remove plaque and tarter beneath the gum. Deep-Cleaning Root Planning Depth of the gum tissue between the teeth and gums are called pockets. When it is more than 5 mm or more, your dentist might prescribe a deep cleaning with root planning. Dentist will use a scaling instrument to remove plaque and tarter from the surface or the roots. Which include smoothing of the root surface and removal of any infected tooth structure. Antibiotics may be prescribed to boost immune system to combat the bacterial infection in gum tissue. So, the choice is yours! Dentist recommends you to go for Teeth cleaning at least twice a year to remain stain free. Cleaning interval may depend on type and kind of your teeth but in many of the cases, interval of 6 month is advised. Contact Dental clinic in Ahmedabad to know more about dental problems and its solution.

Stay Smiling, Stay stain free!

Smile begins where healing begins.