Dental implants are considered as the most effective treatment when dealing with a badly damaged tooth or tooth-loss. It will give great aesthetic result and it can last longer than most other treatment like denture and dental bridges. To know more, what is Dental Implant? Possible cause of Dental Implant failure:   Poor bone quantity and quality: implants need a certain amount of bone to succeed. Though isn’t enough because of prolonged absence of tooth. General health of patient: Health issues like diabetes, osteoporosis and vitamin deficiency can also compromise bone health. Habit of patient: smoking and tobacco chewing habit. Smoking has toxins as well as nicotine which is a vasoconstrictor, drastically reduces the blood supply and oxygen leads to impaired healing at surgical site. Teeth grinding habit: Grinding habit can create excessive force which will leads to damage the implant. Periodontal disease: Plaque, a film of food and bacteria that builds up on tooth surfaces, can cause gum disease that weakens the supporting tissues (gums and bone) of the implant. Infected gum tissues and bone around it deteriorate, leading to the implant loss. Improper placement: Proper placement of dental implants is extremely important. Your dentist must ensure that the implant is not placed too close to your other teeth and doesn’t affect any blood vessels or nerve. If there is gap between the bone and the implant or if the implant is too loose, the surrounding bone can become infected. Poor quality implant: The quality of your dental implant are often expensive, they are less prone to breakage and loosening. It’s important to know first whether you’re fir or not for Implant, if yes, choose experienced and qualified implant surgeon. And yes, quality of implant always matters. At US Dental, we have USA licensed and board certified, highly experienced Implantologist who aims to render unmatched highest quality of dental care to the patient using latest computer guided and pain-free technology. For more info, Call us now – +918980623275 or email us on – Stay happy, Stay Smiling!