What is Dental Crown? Dental Crown also known as Cap, is a fixed prosthetic device that is placed over tooth to give shelter to decayed, broken or chipped teeth or to protect teeth that have Root Canal treatment or to improve the appearance of tooth by changing its shape, size and colour or to give functionality to implants. Dental Crown & its Types Tooth anatomy is divided into two parts. One that we can see outside – Crown and other one inside the gums – Roots. When the outer part is decayed, or broken – Dental crown is necessary to reinforce the functionality of tooth. It’s an artificial cover of tooth looks and function like a healthy tooth. Dental Crown is a restorative process to enhance smile both functionally and aesthetically. Why Dental crown is required? Your dentist may suggest you have Dental Crown in below mentioned circumstances:
  • To strengthen a decayed tooth after the decay is removed
  • To strengthen broken, cracked or fractured tooth
  • To strengthen root canal treated tooth
  • To hold a dental bridge in place
  • To improve aesthetic appearance of severely misshapen or discoloured tooth
  • To cover an implant abutment
The main objective of Dental crown is to give protection to your decayed or damaged tooth or to improve the appearance of tooth if you’re not happy with shape or colour or alignment of tooth. It helps in strengthening functionality of tooth. Decayed tooth may become weak and to enhance its durability – Dental Crown is must. Crowns are also used when there is a need to fill the gap between teeth, also known as Bridge. With the support of two extremes of tooth, gap between teeth is filled out. What is Dental Crown Types of Dental Crown Several types of crowns are available depending upon material used in fabrication. 1. Stainless Steel These crowns are usually prefabricated and are used as a temporary measure for adult patients and could be a permanent option for children’s baby teeth 2. Metal Alloy
  • Metals used in crowns include silver alloy, gold alloy, other alloys (for example, palladium), or a base-metal alloy (for example, nickel or chromium).
  • The main disadvantage of these metallic crowns is ten appearance of metallic colour so not suitable for teeth in the aesthetic zone.
3. Porcelain fused to metal crowns
  • These are metallic crowns with Porcelain fused to match the shade of natural tooth.
  • These crowns can be an excellent choice for front or back teeth. It is also better in terms of durability and aesthetically. As metal alloy used in fabrication strengthens tooth and porcelain gives a good look.
4. All-Ceramic or all-porcelain crown These crowns provide maximum aesthetic outcome but are not as strong as metallic crowns. Types of Dental Crown The sealing ability of the all-porcelain crown depends on the filling materials and the quality of the underlying tooth, according to the American Dental Association (ADA), whereas the other three provide particularly good seals against leakage. Other than material used for fabrication, it also works as an alternative for your budget. More you demand aesthetics, more the cost will be. Treatment procedure of Dental Crown: Your dentist will first remove decayed part of your tooth and then will take the impression to make suitable size, shape and colour of your crown. Impression is generally sent to the laboratory for creating crown of material you have chosen. For porcelain, shade of your current teeth is selected to match it. In the process, slight outer part of your tooth is removed to adjust crown size with other teeth. Once the crown is received from the lab, your dentist will bond it over the tooth with adhesive cement. And all it perform like your natural healthy teeth! Dental Crown Treatment Procedure How to care for your Dental Crown? Practice a good routine oral hygiene and it will give long life to your crown. Twice a day brushing and flossing will keep it away from any decay. Maintaining gum care is must require for crown so that inner part of the tooth won’t get infected. Avoid chewing hard foods or objects with your crown to save it from breakage. How to care for your Dental Crown So, if your dentist has suggested you for Dental Crown, don’t worry about it. It’s a most common restorative procedure used to restore the health and function of tooth. At US Dental, we provide USA quality and affordable care for dental crown and bridge treatment in Ahmedabad to create a dazzling healthy smile. We have specialist, experienced dentist who serves best smiles.