Why Is My Tooth Turning Black and Yellow?

Unlike earlier, people have become more aware about oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene can cause many problems not only in the mouth but also in other systems of our body. There are some reasons for turning off yellow and black teeth. Yellow and black teeth can lose your confidence while speaking or smiling. Such teeth should be treated with dental procedures as soon as possible.

The reasons and solutions of turning black or yellow teeth are as below:

● Poor oral hygiene can develop tartar formation around teeth. plaque and tartar are yellow or brownish in color. which contain bacteria and that can damage gums also eventually. Tartar not only causes gums bleeding but according to some studies it has adverse effects on heart and other organs also. So, it is important to get the treatment done by your dentist.

Tooth Stains

What Is Tooth Discoloration?

• Plaque and tartar are removed with scaling or cleaning and polishing procedure. Maintenance of oral hygiene is mandatory to get the best results with scaling procedures. Twice brushing with proper brushing technique, using floss or proxa brushes will help you to maintain oral hygiene. You should also use mouthwash after having food. In case of gum bleeding, you can use gel or ointment to do gum massage.

Types of Discoloration

● Tooth decay causes black discoloration in the tooth. Food lodgment can soften the part of the tooth and that will create a cavity. Black part of the tooth is removed and that will be filled with dental filling material. Now tooth colored material (composite) is the choice of filling material.

Tooth Stains

In case the Carious part has almost approached the underlying pulp of the tooth, root canal treatment must be done.

Tooth discoloration causes by color

Root canal treated tooth also gets discolored black in color after some time as root canal treated tooth is considered as a dead tooth and it has tendency of turning black. Therefore, a crown is mandatory to cover the root canal treated tooth.

• Stains of tobacco, smoking or tea or coffee are generally brown or black in color. These are the external stains.

Tooth Stains

These stains can be removed with scaling and polishing procedures. For such deep stains, sometimes, scaling is not sufficient. Therefore, teeth whitening is recommended to get whiter teeth.


We use Phillips zoom whitening kit which has excellent results, and you can get a sparkling smile.
● Attrition – some have deep or heavy bite issues which causes enamel attrition. So, the color of dentine (yellow) gets exposed. Or sometimes, the habit of grinding or clenching at night also results in attrition.

Erosion – acidic reflexes or having excessive citrous food can erode the enamel. That also reflects the yellow shade of the teeth.

Tooth Stains

● Dental restoration –
Amalgam filling is black in color which can be replaced with esthetic filling like resin-based material composite.

Tooth Stains

Dental composite material gets discolored after some time which looks yellow in color. It requires replacement after some years.
● Some medicines like iron supplements can discolor teeth.
● Intrinsic stains like fluorosis have brown stains.
Such stains can be covered with dental veneers or Lumineers.
Maintaining oral health can prevent discoloration of teeth and you can prevent your teeth from turning black or yellow. You should visit a professional as soon as possible when you notice black or yellow discoloration on teeth. With the best dental care, you can have better health of your oral cavity.

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