Is It Possible to Remove My Existing Teeth and Replace with Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a viable treatment option to acquire better esthetics and it will give you a more natural feeling of having teeth also. Dental implants can be fixed in place of a single tooth or multiple teeth. Dental implants are generally made up of pure titanium which is easily acceptable by our body.

Can I have all my teeth removed and replaced with implants?

IThere are some conditions where our teeth need to get dental treatment done like root canal treatment or extraction of teeth. teeth decay, broken teeth, infectious teeth can be treated with root canal treatment and sometimes when teeth are not savable, teeth must be removed also. Your doctor will decide which treatment is recommended in your case. It is always vital to replace the missing teeth with either removable or fixed option as adjacent teeth can move towards the missing area. And then unnecessarily healthy teeth are misaligned, additionally, in the future we can get less space to replace that missing area. Removable dentures can only replace the crowns of the teeth, not the roots of the teeth.

I Want All My Teeth Removed and Replaced

So, bone resorption is the chief issue in such cases. In fact, the crown and bridge, too, only replace the crowns of the teeth. However, it is one of the fixed options. Dental implant is only the option which can replace the roots of the teeth. The biggest advantage of dental implants is that bone resorption can be prevented. In some cases, where natural teeth’s condition is not sound, and they are periodontally weak and when some teeth are mobile. This will compromise the looks and function of teeth also. Therefore, it is always better to remove such teeth with multiple dental implants. You can get fixed permanent teeth which will surely change your looks and confidence.

Single or Two Implants Replacement

If your tooth is missing due to some reason, do not delay getting the replacement. At an early stage, you will have a good amount of bone to hold a dental implant and the success ratio will be high. Implants can be placed on a single day. when, tooth must be removed due to fracture or severe infection, we cannot place an implant on the same day of removal of the tooth. Your doctor will decide the duration of placing an implant. After finishing the healing period (generally 3 months), you will get a crown. You should get the check -up done at least once in a year.

Single front tooth replacement with dental implant and crown

Tooth Stains

Full mouth implants placement

Firstly, the doctor will check for the 3-dimensional x-rays of the upper and lower jaw. Generally, we place implants on the same day of the removal of the teeth. However, if bone condition is compromised then we might have to do sinus lifting or bone grafting procedure and we need to wait for implant surgery so that bone can get matured. It is not required in every case, mostly, we place 4 or 6 implants on the same day. We can give temporary prosthesis within a week in such cases if implant stability is satisfactory. After 3 to 4 months, you will get permanent teeth and that will give you natural looks and feeling.

Full mouth implant placement with fixed teeth (4 implants in upper jaw whereas 5 implants in lower jaw)

Tooth Stains

OPG after implant treatment.

Tooth Stains

Implant supported fixed teeth can change your looks and functioning of teeth. We have some more before and after completing treatment pictures of patients so you can compare a huge difference esthetically.

This is the case where we have placed 5 implants in the upper jaw and 2 implants in the lower right back side and 2 implants in the lower left back side of the jaw.

Tooth Stains


Tooth Stains

All on 4 implant placements in lower jaw

In the below case, lower teeth were not sound and not savable too. so, we decided to remove lower teeth and give patients fixed teeth with the help of dental implants. upper teeth were strong enough, so we decided to save and did Philips zoom teeth whitening to get a better look of the patient.

By seeing these pictures, you may get an idea about the changes after completing the implant treatment. Dental implant is the newest and ideal option for the replacement of teeth in dentistry.

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