How Quality Dentures Can Help You Live Longer and Enjoy Life More

Missing teeth can affect your daily life. In the long term it can affect several aspects of life it it’s not get replaced at the right time.

Good quality dentures can help you enjoy your life more and even help you live longer!

Major issues that we face with missing teeth:

▪ Speech: teeth, lips and tongue play important roles for pronunciation of certain words. Missing teeth can alter the position of lips and tongue. It mainly affects the person’s self-confidence.
▪ Appearance: as the missing teeth cause bone resorption over the years cause facial changes which makes the appearance older than age.
▪ Bite: after tooth loss adjacent teeth can shift from their original position as they get room in the missing area.
▪ Gums issues: due to changes in bite and alter position, people prone to gum problems after missing teeth.
▪ Appetite: person not able to eat properly with missing teeth as compared to normal healthy full set of teeth.

What is the solution for missing teeth?

Depending upon the number of missing teeth and clinical condition the dentist can advise you on a fixed or removable option.

For full mouth or multiple missing teeth dentures are the option given by dentists for decades.

There are various types of material and techniques available for denture.

If you are not happy with the current regular denture due to its appearance, stability, or chewing efficiency it’s time to change your denture with high quality denture to enjoy your life even better.

Advantages of recent denture over traditional denture:

⮚ Highly aesthetic: high quality dentures are made with precise design, qualitative material and teeth set so they are less bulky and give you a more natural look.
⮚ Confident smile without hesitation: as implant supported denture is fixed it won’t move like regular denture and it won’t give you fake denture like look so you can get a beautiful smile.
⮚ More stable: this denture will precisely fit in the mouth with modified design and material.
⮚ Do not stain high quality material and ceramic crown do not get stained.
⮚ Good cutting efficiency: with a good fitting denture you can enjoy most of the food which you cannot eat with regular denture.
⮚ Fracture resistance: in modern dentistry there are different types and modified material is available which are stronger than regular acrylic.
⮚ Health: with a good fitting denture you can enjoy your all-favorite food. You will be healthier with a balanced diet. You can chew more efficiently so digestion problems can be reduced.
⮚ Dental implants can prevent bone loss so you look more younger while with regular denture there will continuously be bone resorption.
⮚ There are below options available as a high-quality denture.

Implant supported fixed denture:

Dental implant is titanium screw which is placed inside the bone and serves as a stronger foundation same as the root of our teeth. All four or all the six concepts are used here, the final denture is fixed on the dental implant after appropriate healing.

You will get perfectly aligned fixed teeth, the same as natural teeth.

Tooth Stains

(Upper PFM bridge and lower all on four hybrid denture)

Tooth Stains

Over denture: These are the semi fixed type of implant supported denture. Two implants in the lower arch and four implants in the upper arch are used to secure denture.

With the help of dental implant denture will be more stable compared to regular denture as it won’t move from its place once attached to the dental implant. These dentures are not fixed; the patient must remove it and clean like traditional dentures.

Tooth Stains

Flexible denture: regular partial denture made up of hard acrylic material. They get support from adjacent teeth with the help of metal clasp.

Flexible dentures are made with thermoplastic nylon material, so they are not stiff and bendable. They are very thin, comfortable, do not get stained and smell, offer a more natural look as it does not require metal clasp as it mainly takes support from the gums.

Tooth Stains

BPS DENTURE: bio functional prosthetic system is high quality denture that meets patient esthetic and functional demand. BPS dentures are made with special technique and instruments that take considerations of masticatory movement and facial information that recreate the natural contour of lips and facial muscle.

Tooth Stains

If you are not happy with your current denture or missing teeth visit us today to extend your healthy life with high quality dentures.

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