Such a Pearly Teeth you have! Your smile is too nice just like a celebrity smile! – Yes, I know – your Dental Veneers has allowed you to get such great compliments. And I wish you get multiple such compliments with your shining smile. And that’s why here is the tips to maintain your Celebrity smile to shine bright. Maintenance is very important for Dental Veneers/lumineers to keep it brightening and shining.  You’ll require frequent check-ups to see how your gums has accepted veneer materials. By regular dental schedule or visit you can increase longitivity of prosthesis. Proper Maintaince will help to reduce problem and early attention will help you to avoid large and big issues later on. Dental veneers are made up of porcelain, ceramic or composite material, which are prone to damage when it is exposed to bad habit and poor oral care. So if you want to enjoy functionality and cosmetic appeal of veneers for more than 10 years then you should follow some simple Tips. 1. Follow Good Oral hygiene Habits If you want dental veneers to shine bright then at least twice a day Oral hygiene Habitsbrushing and flossing is very important. After meal you need to do vigorous gargle so that all teeth including veneers should be cleaned properly. Floss your veneers like your teeth alteast once in a day, and take regular Professional Teeth Cleaning in the interval of 6 months. After meal keep habit of rinsing your mouth with antiseptic mouth wash (non-alcoholic) to keep your mouth clean and bacteria free. Dental veneers are impenetrable to decay so you need to keep your teeth bacteria free. 2. Avoid Bad Habits Opening the lid if the bottle with your teeth or taking the help of your teeth to open up or break anything will give pressure to your teeth & may harm your Veneers. If you have habit of BRUXISM then you should visit dentist and get your ‘night guard’ done. Wearing ‘Night Guard’ will prevent tearing of your veneers. So avoid such habits if you want your veneers to shine for longer years. BRUXISM Dental veneer is strong enough to withstand normal biting force up to optimal limit, but if you don’t take care and keep on biting hard food then it may shorten your life span of dental veneers. 3. Avoid coloured food and beverages coloured-food-and-beverages

Coffee and Tea contains cafin which tends to stain your teeth. And if you are tobacco chewer then this is high time to quit this habit, as this leads to teeth stains.

Though porcelain veneer is stain resistant but if you intake excess of beverages and colored food items then it will stain your veneers. Even red wine, berries and smoking leads to discoloration to your veneers so it’s high time to quit all these habits.   4. Visit your dentist regularly This step is very important for maintain your general oral health. Dentist will regularly monitor your veneers, gums, and teeth and will polish & remove stains over it. This will enhance life span of it. Appointment with dentist can even repair your little damage before it reach to the severity. So, Getting the Veneers done is not the only thing you need to do for sparkling smile, little care will add more life to your brightening smile. To know more about Dental Veneer Treatment in Ahmedabad or any other cosmetic dental Treatment, Visit US Dental today. Post By — Dr. Khusboo Modi – Cosmetic Dental Specialist at US Dental Center based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.