Pioneered By A Woman US Dental is a center for Advanced Dentistry headquartered in Ahmedabad, India – Pioneered by Dr. Sayma Memon who is USA licensed Dental Surgeon now practicing in India. She has won the Top Dentist Award in the USA along with many other honors and accolades. Dr. Sayma got her Masters in Dental Surgery at University of Texas in Houston, she has placed thousands of Implants, published numerous articles on Implant Surgery and focuses her research work in placing Implants in Older Women particularly with Osteoporosis as they pose some of the most challenging Implant cases. After practicing over a decade in the US she returned to her roots in India. Here in Ahmedabad, she established US Dental – An American standard dental clinic in Ahmedabad India wherein patients around the world can get cutting edge care at US quality and all treatment plans backed up by thorough research. Dental Clinic for Women by Women Serving Women Also, having lived both in India and US for many years, she understood how women grow up with different value system in different societies. A lot of women in India for instance grow up in a much conservative society and because of their upbringing, here women often prefer to go to other women providers. To continue to serve that segment, she established US Dental with a 100% ladies only staff. This means that all Surgeons, Specialists, General Dentists, Dental Assistants and Office staff are all women. “Dentistry is such a personal thing – a lot of our women patients just like it here as all our Doctors are ladies and we have 100% women only staff – it puts them in their comfort zone”, says Dr. Sayma. USA Quality Dental Care in Ahmedabad Amazing Support from all Segments The support for the center has been amazing. Our Women patients love the idea of a 100% ladies only staff and constantly bring more of their friends and family members particularly other women and children. “They support us just because we are all girls – they like us and are cheering for us”, beams Khushali who is the office manager. A lot of the staff works here just because it is an organization that believes in Women Empowerment. “Dr. Sayma, challenged us that we have to prove that women can also build great organizations – we have to inspire others by showing that we ALSO can” says excited Dipika, who often runs Dental Camps at ‘Girls only school’ or teams up with other women organizations to build awareness and provide support. Announcing – Ladies Only Hour To enhance the ‘Women only Experience’ further – US Dental team is glad to announce “Ladies only Hour”. While the clinic is open Mon – Sat from 9 AM – 8 PM every day for all, we will now have “Ladies Only” appointments on Tue and Thursday from 2-4 PM. We have a full AC Clinic – so come and cool yourself off – let us take care of your teeth, gums and smile – Check us out online at – like us and tag us on facebook. Join our movement of “For Women by Women”! Ladies Only Hour Dental Clinic US Dental is Multi-specialty Dental clinic in Ahmedabad rendering best, high-quality USA standard of dental care within your reach. Visit us now and get healthy smile, as we says – Smile begins where heling begins!