Nowadays everyone is very familiar with the word Root canal treatment which is also called RCT. When someone heard that they required a Root canal treatment the first thought will come in mind is that, a multiple long sitting appointment with lots of pain, but With the continues research and newer technology multiple visit endodontic shift to single sitting root canal.

Single visit endodontic has gained acceptance due to short appointments and good success rate. Historically the concept of single sitting RCT is 100 years old.

Single Sitting Root Canal  Ahmedabad

Success of RCT is depends on proper cleaning and shaping of root canal, disinfection and three dimensional filling of canal system. Not all the cases is suitable for single sitting root canal, according to Indian academy of endodontics.

The success is depending on –
  • Diagnosis and case selection
  • Good skilled
  • Accessibility and pulp status
Oliet has concluded the survey which shows 90 % of success achieved in single sitting RCT. Oliet “criteria’s” for single sitting RCT,
  • Patient acceptance
  • Sufficient time to complete whole procedure in single sitting
  • Absence of any acute symptoms like pus drainage or any persistent flow of exudates or blood from the root canal
  • Absence of anatomical obstacles like pulp stone or calcification in canals
  • Procedural difficulties like ledge formation, blockage, or in adequate cleaning of canal
Procedure for single sitting RCT: The concept of single sitting RCT is based on entombing theory, which means removing large numbers of microorganism during cleaning and shaping and remaining bacteria entombed by root canal obturation by which they miss all essential elements to survive. Procedure for single sitting RCTAdvantages of single sitting RCT:
  • Reduced patient’s appointment
  • Risk of inter appointment contamination and flare up chances.
  • Reduced patient and operator fatigue
  • Help full in patient who required full mouth rehabilitation
  • Physically disabled patients who cannot come to dental clinic frequently
  • Patient who require sedation during treatment
Contraindication of single sitting RCT:
  • Teeth with severe pain and pus discharge from sinus
  • Anatomic anomalies of teeth
  • Acute periapical abscess
  • Teeth which required re-RCT
  • Patient with TMJ disorder who cannot open their mouth for long time.
So no worries for long hectic appointment for root canal treatment to save your teeth. Visit US Dental Center today to know more about single sitting RCT in Ahmedabad.

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