What is Sinus Lift Surgery for Dental Implants? Do I Need One?

Sinus lift surgery which is also called sinus augmentation procedure which means adding a bone above your molar teeth region in the upper jaw when there is insufficient bone to place dental implants.

What is Sinus?

Sinus is a hollow cavity or space. The largest sinus is the maxillary sinus which is located in the cheek bone.

How did I know that I needed Sinus Lift?

When you visit the dentist for implant, they advise you on the CT scan report of your jaw to check the availability of bone to place the implant. The most common problem encountered in the upper jaw that’s insufficient bone in the upper molar region near the maxillary sinus. Resorption of bone is occurring due to severely infected teeth, prolonged gums disease(pyorrhea), and longer duration after the teeth removal.

Once the CT-scan shows the least room for implant placement, the procedure is advised by the dentist to gain bone height. With the help of it and bone graft we are able to place implants to restore missing teeth.

Sinus Lift Procedure:

Depending upon the scanning dentist can decide when to perform surgery. In severe cases of bone resorption prior, it needs to be carried out to gain bone height. In some cases, it is also performed at the same time of implant placement.

Is Sinus Lift Necessary for Implants?

Procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. Small incision is made above the back tooth to expose the sinus area. Dentists will carefully make a small window to reach the sinus floor and lift the floor of the sinus membrane. The space which is created by lifting procedure is filled with the natural or artificial bone and closes it with proper suture. 8 to 10 days required for primary closure of wound. After a surgery, we need to wait at least 6 to 9 months for implant placement.

With the help of additional vertical bone height dentists are now able to place an implant with desirable length so the implant supported teeth can restore form and function for many years.

What is Sinus Lift Surgery for Dental Implants? Do I Need One?


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