Are Invisible Braces Worth It? How They Work?

A recent survey says alignment and smile are one of the biggest anxieties amongst people nowadays. Keeping your oral cavity healthy and proper alignment of teeth have become a dire need for youngsters. Earlier people were unaware of the health of the mouth whereas now parents want their children to have aligned teeth.

Dental braces are the traditional way to align misaligned teeth. Popularity of invisible braces or clear aligners has increased since the last two decades. So, let us know about it.

What are the Invisible Braces?

Invisalign are removable, clear transparent plastic which are nearly invisible to others which assist to align your teeth gradually. You need to wear those aligners at least 22 hours a day. Invisalign helps to gain confidence to school or college going students who want to have a nice smile but do not want to have braces as they are highly visible to others.


Are Invisible Braces Worth It? How They Work?

How do Invisible Braces Work?

You will have a series of clear, removable aligners or trays that you have to change every one or two weeks. Each tray would be different to the last which will allow you to move your teeth steadily and slowly near desired position.

In some cases, braces are the option initially and they switch to clear aligners afterwards. Doctor will put Invisalign tooth – colored attachments onto the tooth’s surface. Such attachments will become anchors, so that your aligners can not move, and it can sit in the proper desired position.

Duration of treatment varies from patient to patient. In some minor corrections, it will take six months while some cases require some years too. Duration of treatment also depends upon how dedicatedly you wear aligners.

What are the Advantages of Clear Aligners or How Worth it to wear?

  1. They are invisible: The biggest advantage is that it is clearly invisible. Many of us want to get dental braces done but do not want others to see. We want to smile without losing confidence. And that is the reason clear aligners have become a boon for them.
  2. To maintain oral hygiene: Mostly people find it difficult to brush or keep their oral cavity clean when they have braces. They must use different kinds of tools to clean teeth and still they struggle. Whereas they are easy to clean as they are removable. You can do manual brushing and keep it clean.
  3. Comfortable: They are always more comfortable than traditional braces. Initially, braces can cause ulcers in the mouth which are quite painful to some. Removable aligners will give you more acceptance. Indeed, the initial day of a new tray may hurt slightly, or you may feel pressure only for some days, but it is totally normal so not to worry about it!
  4. Less appointments at dental clinics: As dental braces require one visit every month. Which is quite impossible if you are travelling or shifting to another city, school, college, office timing does not allow you to visit regularly. While you can get multiple aligners trays at one time, or you can get it at home also wherever you stay.
Nutshell, there are many advantages to traditional braces. It is clearly worth wearing However, it is quite expensive than braces. Moreover, you should always take the advice of experts when you are planning to choose the braces over traditional braces.

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