Dental Implant is a modern and popular solution to replace your missing teeth which is designed in such a way that you can look, feel and function like your natural teeth. Unfortunately, there are some contraindication of dental implant, ‘SMOKING’ is one of the factor which interferes with implant placement. How smoking will affect the implant placement?

Dental Implant and Smoking:

How smoking will affect the implant placement? According to numerous studies report, the failure rate of implant ranging 6.5% to 20% in smokers compare to non-smoker which is directly proportional to tobacco use. Smoking can prolong the healing time and increased the post operation complication due to following reason:
  1. Due to the presence of nicotine in tobacco products its change the oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin to healing site. Carbon monoxide binds with the hemoglobin instead of oxygen which reduced the tissue oxygenation around the implant surface.
  2. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor which constrict the blood vessels also Smoking makes a blood thicker which does not allowed blood flow from narrow blood vessels to healing site
  3. In addition, smoking limit the activity of neutrophils which increased the risk of infection four times more compare to nonsmokers. (IOSR-Journal of dental and medical science).
  4. Some research also found that smoker may experience more pain compare to non-smokers.
  5. After the initial healing completion, smokers have high tendency toward the implant failure due marginal bone loss around the dental implant. That’s significantly depends on numbers of cigarettes consumption. (>than 14/day)
  6. Hollinger et al. experimental study shows negative effects of nicotine on bone healing by diminishing osteoblast (bone forming cells) activity.
  7. Smoking also interfere with the biomechanical properties of bone graft.
  8. Maxillary implants have more failure rate compare to lower implants probably due to porous nature of upper bone.
  9. Implant also fail after the second phase of implant placement because of peri-implantitis, an inflammation or destruction of surrounding tissues.
After all of these reasons still smoking isn’t absolute contraindication for implant placement. To know more, contact best Dental Implantologist in Ahmedabad – Dr. Sayma Memon for more details. To increase the survival rate of implant in smoker we must follow the recommended protocols. Bain and Moy suggested the protocols which are as following: Patient should cease smoking at least 1 week prior to surgery. Which increases levels of platelet adhesion, blood viscosity and reverse the short-term effect of nicotine. say No to smoking and stay healthyPatient should avoid smoking at least for 2 months after implant placement so early the Osseo integration would have been established. Preoperative antibiotics reduced the chance of infection. So, say No to smoking and stay healthy. It’s an excellent choice to save money, feel better and live a lot longer! To know about dental implant treatments in Ahmedabad Contact US Dental.