How to Do a Front Tooth Root Canal Treatment?

A middle-aged female patient visited US Dental clinic in Ahmedabad with the chief complaint of pain in upper front tooth. We did a clinical and radiographic examination and we found that it already had a dental crown and that it required root canal treatment. In fact, adjacent teeth also showed some infection around the roots of the teeth. Therefore, we decided to do root canal treatment in the upper three teeth and get the crowns done. Patient had some gaps in between upper front teeth, so she was also concerned about those gaps.

Can a Root Canal be Performed on a Front Tooth?

Here are the pictures when the patient visited us for the very first time.


And now these are the pictures after completing root canal treatment and placing of crowns. Here you can see the gaps are closed and the patient has a beautiful smile.


Patient is asked to come for follow-up after a week. Patient was happy with the new crowns, and she loved the pain free dental treatment at our clinic in Ahmedabad

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