Why Does My Jaw Hurt on One Side?

A young male patient visited US Dental clinic with pain in the lower left side of the jaw. We did a clinical and radiographic examination and we found that the lower 1st molar on the left side was already root canal treated and the patient had infection around that tooth. Patient also informed us that he is getting to swell on the gums often and that the tooth was treated with root canal treatment twice. After examination with 3D x-ray, we found that bone resorption was there on the buccal side due to the presence of infection.

Here is the x-ray of pre pre-procedure


Jaw pain: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

We decided to extract that tooth, to cure the infection and to do a bone grafting procedure. Due to resorption of bone, we need to wait for 3 months to get the bone matured to place an implant.

Here is the picture after bone grafting procedure


After 3 months we placed an implant and here is the x-ray after the procedure.


In x-ray, we have found that the lesion of infection has cured to a great extent and the patient was getting improvement also.

Here are the pictures after placing the implant.


After completion of the healing period, we took the measurement for the final implant crown. And cement kept PFM implant crown with access hole was luted with cement.


Patient was called to come for follow-up after 10 days. Patient was happy and satisfied as he did not feel discomfort on chewing and the crown was looking more natural and chewing has become easier than before.

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