How much Does a Dental Implant Cost for One Tooth?

You might have heard about dental implants if you are looking for replacement of your missing tooth. It is a recent solution to missing teeth. The major advantages compared to conventional dental bridges is that no need to shave adjacent teeth which save our natural healthy teeth.

It is a surgical procedure in which we place screw inside the bone and after appropriate healing of 3 to 6 month we can place the final crown on it.

During the 1st visit the dentist will evaluate all the conditions and advise for CBCT of bone to check the availability of bone and important anatomical structure like sinus and nerve approximation.

How much Does a Dental Implant Cost for One Tooth

How much should a single dental implant cost?

  • For the implant procedure we need healthy gums and adjacent teeth with sufficient bone.
  • When we talked about the price for this than it varies patient to patient depending upon.
  • Which brand of implant you select
  • Available bone: some patients require bone grafting.
  • Types of crowns you select like Metal, PFM, Zirconia
  • Sinus lifting and bone grafting
  • Price for single implant with PFM crown varies between 25000 to 45000/- without any bone grafting procedure.
  • If a patient wants a zirconia crown instead of PFM crown price increase from 6000 to 12000/- depends upon zirconia material and warranty provided by the lab.
  • If a patient requires sinus lift surgery with bone grafting it costs 15000 to 20000/-. if only bone grafting is required then it will be 10000 to 12000/-.
  • It needs regular visit at interval of 6 months for cleaning and follow up to avoid any minor complication for longevity of implant to serve you for more years.
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