What is the Best Option for Replacing Missing Teeth?

An Indian based African woman patient visited us with the complaint of missing teeth. Due to missing teeth, she was not able to chew her food properly. Patient was hiding her smile as she was not confident with her missing teeth.

Patient wanted to have fixed teeth, so we suggested her jaw scan first to plan out fixed implant supported dentures. Luckily in the jaw scan the patient had enough bone to place an implant and get fixed teeth.

The implant process is a two-stage procedure. During her first visit with the help of a digital implant guide five implants are placed in the upper jaw and temporary denture is delivered within a week. Patient has been advised to come after 3 to 4 months for final denture.

As the patient has visited us during covid time and then due to unfavorable conditions the patient was not able to come so she visited us after more than a year for her final denture process. During her second visit all the required measurements are taken and sent to the lab for denture fabrication. We need a minimum 15 to 20 days for final denture fabrication.

All Missing Teeth Before and After Photos

Replacing Missing Teeth?

Patient is very happy with her new set of teeth. Now she can enjoy the food she likes. And now no need to hide her smile. She smiles confidently.

Replacing Missing Teeth?

So, more worry about missing teeth or loose dentures. Visit us today to know about implant supported fixed teeth to add confidence in your life.

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