How All-on-4 Dental Procedures Minimizes the Need for Bone Grafting?

A female patient visited a US Dental clinic with loose and uneven teeth. Patient informed us that she is unable to chew her food properly and because of that she is having stomach issues.

We did clinical and radiographic evaluation and we found that bone support was very less in the back side of the arches (upper and lower). And the patient was not ready to do sinus lifting and heavy bone grafting procedures. So, we decided to follow All on 4 procedures in upper and lower both the arches.

These are the pre pictures of the patient before removal of teeth and implant surgery.

Replacing Missing Teeth?

All the teeth were removed, and implant surgery was performed. After completing the healing period (3 months) we took the measurements for upper and lower arches, and we gave a hybrid fixed prosthesis with a bar.

Here are the pictures after giving prosthesis in upper and lower arches.

Replacing Missing Teeth?

Replacing Missing Teeth?

Replacing Missing Teeth?

Patient was delighted with her new looks and yes, she can chew food more effectively. Fixed prosthesis can change the confidence level in all the way.

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