You can eat all your favorite food now, no more compromise on your delicious food just because you have a missing tooth. Let’s not hesitate if you have a missing tooth. You can get back your natural set of teeth with single tooth implant at US Dental. We have a case to share with you that had happened recently at our clinic to enhance your confidence with US Dental. We are discussing a case of single tooth replacement with Dental Implant. Dental implant is a recent solution for your missing teeth which enhances the smile of the patient and restore the function of your teeth. A 35-year-old male patient from Africa reported at US Dental with a missing tooth in the front part of the mouth. During the examination, the patient gave his history of an accident before one year. Due to a direct impact on the front part patient lost his one tooth on the upper jaw. Prescribed with CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) and once the CBCT report confirms the adequate amount of bone for the patient, we planned for single implant in the same region. Successful placement of implant was carried out and we restored the crown after 3 months of the healing period. To know more, contact best Dental Implantologist in Ahmedabad – Dr. Sayma Memon for more details. Single Tooth Implant
The patient was happy that he was able to get his dental implant at affordable price which would not have been possible in Africa. US Dental, “best dental implant clinic in Ahmedabad” successfully created his dazzling smile.
So don’t let your missing tooth ruin your confidence and smile. Visit us today and get your beautiful smile back with dental implant. US Dental creates your lost smile to its original beauty or enhance it through latest computer guided technology and experienced USA licensed dental surgeons. dental consultation online free Visit us for your free checkup now and get your replacement of lost tooth.  

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