For children – Medicines, Injections, Doctors, Hospitals etc. are scary and it happens with almost all the kids. To an extent we also make them afraid about such things. When it comes to oral care, it is important for the parents to give best treatment to their child as during their childhood they get new teeth. Thus, number of visits with the dentists are also high. Other hand, being kids- they love to eat sweets, chocolates and other tasty food that may harm their oral hygienic cycle. So, it makes you (Parents) worry about oral care of your kids. B1 So, here are the tips to encourage your child for oral care and dentist visits. 1. Appoint pediatric dentist:
  • It is important to appoint specialist in order to have pain free treatment of your kids & that will help to reduce the fear your kid has about dentist.
  • Kid’s capacity of sitting for the treatment with open mouth is very less and thus specialist will help you to do better treatment of your kid in less time.
2. Educate your Toddler about oral care:
  • Explain the importance of oral care to your toddler with the help of fun tools.
  • You can use-
  • Story telling approach to educate
  • Gaming toothbrush
  • Audio-visual books & videos
  • Quizzes & games
  • Charts and images
  • This will also generate interest of your kids in learning.
3. Excite your kid to visit dentist:
  • Children will agree for it only when it makes them happy.
  • Regular appointment with dentist will prevent high dental causes and that makes every visit an outing for them. Reward them for taking more care of their teeth.
4. Dentists are our teeth care taker & not scary:
  • Make your kids understand that dentists are the one who helps them to eat tasty food with no decay. They ultimately enhances the effectiveness of teeth and gums.
5. Don’t afraid your child from dental problems- give a positive hope:
  • Less care and importance leads high tooth decay. That causes high level of toothache. That makes treatments also painful.
  • You or your relative may have experienced such things but don’t make mistake of sharing your painful experience with your “Nanhi si Jaan”.
  • Use distractions like-
  • Music,
  • Toys,
  • Cartoon channels,
  • Games etc. during their treatment
It will distract kids from dentist treatment and ultimately reduces the fear. 6. limit the amount of information:
  • Child is anyway not able to understand all the hi-fi treatments. So, better don’t bombard them with much information.
US Dental wishes happy and healthy smiles to you & your kids.

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