Easy Ideas to motivate your kids for Brushing Hello kids…come here and let’s play brushing game… It’s been always difficult to motivate kids to brush their teeth. Irrespective of age in children, it becomes difficult to make young kids to learn, practice and understand the importance of teeth brushing and maintain proper oral hygiene. It is very difficult yet very important to develop habit of daily brushing their teeth and maintaining overall health in children of very young age. B1 Maintaining good oral hygiene can be a challenge for parents, so for all of them here are some of the tips to get motivate your kids to keep their teeth healthy. Allowing children to pick their own toothbrush:-
  • Children, especially young kids love to watch cartoons and also like portraits and wall paints of different cartoon images. Similarly, parents can allow their children to pick up their favourite cartoon toothbrush, so they might willing to do brush daily.
  • Just allow them to pick their own toothbrush of cartoon images like nemo, superman, batman etc.
  • Make sure it is soft bristles tooth brush.
  • Giving your child an opportunity to choose their own toothbrush empowers them to be an active part of maintaining positive dental habits.
Prefer kid friendly flavored toothpaste:-
  • Usually kids prefer to have taste in all kinds of material they put into their mouth.
  • So having flavored toothpaste will encourage kids to do brushing daily.
  • Of course, always make sure that toothpaste is approved by the ADA and carries the ADA seal.
Brushing Together along with your children:-
  • Young kids are best the copy cats. They just love to imitate their near and dear ones.
  • So this habit can be taken in a positive way. Brushing your teeth along with toddlers will make them to learn proper tooth brushing technique.
  • It will also help out to maintain the proper oral hygiene.
  • Make sure they don’t brush very hard and also don’t miss out the tricky parts of mouth like back molars and below the gums area.
  • Do remember that your child brush atleast once a day.
Give Brushing a musical effect:- B2
  • Since ages, Music has played a great impact to make any type of work easy, smooth and quicker.
  • So here also, music can help out parents too………… It is a great tool to make work easy, especially if activity is repetitive. Maintaining a good oral care hygiene is also a repetitive activity…thus, little bit involvement of music benefits a lot.
  • Even children loves to hear rhyming songs like” Humpy Dumpty sat on a wall “, “London bridge is falling down”… so humming a favorite song or rhyme together  is a good way to ensure that your children are brushing their teeth long enough to thoroughly clean them.
  • As per the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should brush their teeth twice a day, for two minutes per session, which can seem like an eternity for a restless child.
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