Dental implant is artificial tooth root that is placed in jaw bone replacement of single tooth or multiple teeth. Dental implant can serve as single tooth or can be part of bridge assembly or can be used for over denture cases What are the criteria for dental implants? 1) General factors :- #Age— dental implant should be done once individual growth is completed i.e. after 18 years. #Systemic disorder—diabetic patient have high infection rate and delayed healing .and in high blood pressure there is risk of excess bleeding .but still we can do dental implants in Ahmedabad in such cases if diabetes and blood pressure is under control. #Smokers—they have higher chances of complications due to delayed healing .we usually recommend quitting smoking two weeks prior and six weeks after the placement of implant for its success. 2) Dental factors :- #Bone quality and quantity—for dental implant placement it is very important to have sound bone. More width of bone more the grip of implant in bone. But in some compromised cases we can do bone graft and then implant placement. #Inter occlusal space –this is also important to have inter occlusal height for implant crown placement. #Vital structure proximity—many times if nerve ,sinus is very near to implant placement site then it’s very challenging case to do implant. But now a day’s we have angled implant too which can solve our problem up to certain limit. #Oral Health—last but not least, this is very important point to decided success rate of implant if your mouth is health then you implant life is long. Is implant procedure is painful? NO..Not at all. Implant procedure is very smooth and easy.It is done under anesthesia or sedation unit, it is divided in two phase 1) Implant Placement Phase 2) Prosthetic Phase. And for further details you can contact us on 8980623275

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