Dental Implant Recovery Process Facts

Dental implants are the most accepted and popular dental treatment in dentistry to get replacement of your teeth. Nevertheless, people are anxious for dental implant treatment as they think such treatments are extremely painful. Is it? So, the answer is no; however, here are some facts which we should know about the implant recovery and of course what are the precautions we need to take after the surgery to accelerate the recovery.

Firstly, we will know about the recovery time of dental implant surgery and what we should expect in some hours after dental implant surgery.

Facts About the Dental Implant Recovery Process

Recovery process varies from patient to patient. There are some criteria which decide the recovery process and time. In general, the dental implant surgery recovery process takes 5 to 7 days. There are some points which you should know after the procedure of dental implant surgery.

  • After giving anesthesia, you may feel numbness for 4 to 6 hours depending on anesthesia given. So, try to avoid having food on that side otherwise unintentionally you may bite your lips, tongue, or cheeks.
  • You may feel heaviness or mild swelling, which is quite normal as the body is under inflammatory process. You also may feel slight pain or discomfort. Such symptoms are normal after the surgery. Maximum swelling is expected on the 3rd or 5th day. Usually, bruises might be lasting for 5 to 7 days of surgery. But overall, the symptoms are mild and do not interfere with your daily routine. Your doctor can appoint you for follow-up after 7 to 10 days of surgery.

Now, what are the precautionary measures patients should take just after the surgery? The instructions are mostly the same when the doctor gives after the extraction of the tooth.
  • You need to bite hard on the gauze piece for half an hour to 45 minutes so bleeding can get stopped.
  • You also should avoid having hard and hot food for 24 hours to 48 hours. Do not have juice or any liquid things with straw.
  • Do not gargle or spit forcefully.
  • Some activities are also restricted after the dental implant surgery. You should avoid lifting weights, swimming, and heavy physical activity for a couple of days.
  • Do not smoke as it creates negative pressure on the tissue that can dislodge the blood clot. Smoking also delays healing at the site of implant.
  • Do not play with stitches that can interfere with the healing process.
1. Number Of Implants
The recovery rate depends on the number of implants. Multiple implant placement takes a little longer healing time than a single implant. Full mouth implant placement or All on 4 surgery have longer duration of surgery compared to single or two implants. Sometimes, old teeth are extracted on the day of surgery. For some patients, in case of All on 4 surgery, we deliver temporary prosthesis on the same day of surgery. So, the healing process may get delayed in such patients. Healing time also varies from tooth to tooth also.

2. Bone Grafting
Dental implant is placed into the bone which acts as a root of the tooth. After finishing the healing period, the crown is placed. Therefore, to check for bone quality and quantity is necessary to place implants. If the bone quality and quantity is not sufficient then bone grafting must be done by a doctor. Basically, the new bone should integrate with the jawbone. In some cases, bone grafting is done along with implant placement and in some cases, after doing bone grafting, you should wait for implant placement also. This will be decided by your doctor only. In case if bone grafting is done, healing time normally is more than without grafting. Graft is a foreign material, so it promotes inflammatory processes in your body and hence elongates the healing time a little bit more.

3. Sinus Lifting
For upper back teeth if bone is not enough then sinus lifting must be done. Sinus lifting is done to increase the bone amount to place an implant. It is a techno-sensitive procedure. Healing process will be longer in case of sinus lifting. In such cases, it is normal that some patients also may get swelling for some days after the surgery.

4. Systemic Disorder and Habit
Uncontrolled diabetes and smoking interfere with the natural healing process in the treatment of implants. It is the fact that smoking negatively affects the healing process after implant surgery. So, it is advisable that diabetes should be under control and of course smoking should be avoided by the patient for fast recovery.

In summary, the implant recovery process is unique in every situation. So, it is difficult to predict the dental implant recovery process generalized as many factors are responsible for it.

5. Implant Surgery Without Making Cuts In The Gums And Without Sutures!
You must be wondering, is that even possible? Yes, absolutely. With modern technology, we can plan your surgery virtually on a planning software and print a surgical template ahead of time. With accurate and precise planning, we can use this template to place the implants without cutting the gums. This procedure is called computer guided flapless dental implant surgery. The healing time tremendously reduces with such type of surgery and most of the patients experience very little or no pain afterwards. Here at US Dental clinic we specialize in performing flap less guided implant surgeries.

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