What we eat and drink can have harmful effects on our teeth but that doesn’t mean that we stop our self by eating or drinking what we love. So better we find some other options to protect our teeth. One of the easiest options for drinking everything while protecting our teeth is “STRAW” Are you one of those people who always ask for a straw at restaurant or the one who doesn’t like to use a straw? But it is not common to see people using straws in their homes or in the office. There are some great reasons to use a straw that might make you want to start using straw all the time. Some of the benefits are listed below:- 1) Stain Protection :- Beverages like coffee, fruit juice, cold-drinks and red wine can stain our teeth with regular fulfillment. Drinking through a straw can help you to prevent unnoticeable stains on your teeth. Using a straw means you avoid direct contact with the front teeth. 2) Reduce the Rate of Erosion :- if you consume too many acidic beverages, the acid will ruin some of your teeth enamel. So for avoiding that you should sip through straw. 3) Safety :- Because drinking from a straw means drinking a smaller amount at a time into your mouth which means you are safer from burning your mouth or tongue on hot beverages. 4) Reduce sensitivity :- A Drinking cold beverage which is main cause of dental sensitivity can be prevented by reducing the contact of cold beverages to the teeth. The more contact the liquids have with your teeth, the more you are at risk to develop sensitivities. 5) Hygiene :- Glasses or cold drink bottles in restaurants are tending to have germs so by using a straw you can save yourself from the contagious bacteria which spread from one person to another. So what do you think? Are you going to switch to using a straw, or are you going to still continue drinking without it? If you Like it then tell someone about it.