Congratulations on this beautiful and exciting time of your life!!! You have so much to think about during pregnancy but don’t forget your teeth and gums. I know it’s easy to overlook your mouth, but pregnancy can actually make some dental problems worse. Overall health remains good too by regular brushing and flossing and it’s more likely that your baby’s mouth will also be healthy. 1 #1 – Now that you’re pregnant Being pregnant comes with many responsibilities and oral hygiene is no exception. You need to consult your dentist about what type of oral care products will be good and effective for you. Apart from brushing and flossing, you need to rinse every night with fluorinated mouthrinse. #2 – Consult your dentist Routine dental visits are safe during pregnancy, but be sure to let your dentist know what stage of pregnancy you are in. Tell dentist of any change of medications you take or any special advice from your physician. If you have a high-risk pregnancy, your dental treatment must be postponed. #3 – Changes in your mouth During pregnancy, some women may find they are prone to pregnancy gingivitis-a mild form of gum disease that causes gums to be red, tender and sore. You can prevent gingivitis by keeping your teeth clean. This gingivitis may lead to periodontitis which may lead to higher risk of delivering a pre-term low birth weight infant. #4 – Your diet matters Did you know your baby’s teeth will begin to develop between 3rd and 6th month? That’s why you need sufficient quantity of nutrients like vitamin A,C,D,protein,calcium and phosphorus. When you do snack, choose foods that are low in sugar and nutritious for you and your baby. #5 – X-rays If you deal with a dental emergency dental x-rays are necessary. But x-rays should be avoided as much as possible in pregnancy. In worst case, your dentist will cover you with a lead apron that minimizes exposure to the abdomen. #6 – Dealing with morning sickness If you have morning sickness and are vomiting frequently, try rinsing with a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water to stop stomach acid from attacking your teeth. So, do not wait and visit US Dental for oral health of your baby! Also read- Gums & Moms – Oral care tips for your new born baby.

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