Do you ever notice your gums? they Want to tell you something? So here we are, presenting you some of the clues to notice your gums. Gums are vital part of human oral health, so if your gums are not in their proper shape, they will let you know with easy-to-see signs. If you notice any of these red flags below, be sure to visit your dentist soon. 1) Swollen gums, redness:- These are signs of gums inflammation leading to indication of gum disease (Gingivitis). Building up of bacteria forming plaque is the initiation point of gum disease. Deposits of sugary and starchy food after eating leads to formation of plaque. Further increased formation causes irritation to the gums. 2) Bleeding gums:- Remember, bleeding gums are never normal. Improper oral health care leads to bacteria forming plaque causing infection. Certain major illness like Heart disease, diabetes, hormonal disruptions and vitamin deficiencies can all have adverse effects on our mouths. Intake of blood thinners also lead gums to bleed. Visit to dentist if you having severe gum issues to get treated before it advance. 3) Receding Gum line:- Gum recession is one of the common dental problems occurring among humans. Exposure of more tooth or root is an indication of Gum recession. Gum recession happens due to grinding or clenching of teeth, gum disease or sometimes due to hormonal changes. It is a process in which the gum tissue margins surrounding the teeth wear out leading to exposure of teeth and gum line causing the building up of bacteria forming plaque. It leads to severe damage to supporting tissue and bone structure if left untreated. So, if your gums are not treated well enough, it may lead to your tooth loss. Be aware of the consequences and keep your teeth and gums healthy… AND DON’T FORGET to visit your dentist in Ahmedabad for regular DENTAL CHECK-UP.