How to Smile Makeover with Composite Veneer? – Case Of the Month

Patient has visited us with complaints of multiple chipped, discolored and broken composite veneers which were done a few years back at his hometown.

Patient wanted to change his veneers to enhance his smile.

Tooth Stains

On examination we have found out that due to patient traumatic bite and overlapping of teeth some of the veneers have dislodge from teeth and chipped. Discoloration with composite veneers is the most common disadvantage.

This time we have suggested Emax ceramic veneers to patients as Emax veneers are more esthetic, do not get stained and it has long durability.

All the remaining composite veneers were removed under local anesthesia for patient comfort. Teeth preparation is modified for E-max veneers and measurement taken.

Veneers were fixed on teeth with standard protocol.

Tooth Stains

Patient has advised for regular follow up and cleaning every 6 months. Instructed for proper brushing and flossing to maintain oral hygiene.

Patient is happy with his new veneers which are highly esthetic and polished compared to his older veneers.

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