How strong are dental implants compared to real teeth?

In recent times dental implants have gained popularity as a replacement option for missing or broken teeth. Dental implants are made up of titanium which is fixed inside the bone which functions as a natural tooth.

The biggest question that comes to the patient’s mind is how long will the implant going to stay? Are they as strong as a natural tooth?

Dental Implant Strength: How Strong Are They?

If we compare the dental implant with healthy natural teeth than the answer is of course NO, because dental enamel is the 2nd strongest structure of body after bone, but dental implants are definitely stronger, and durable compared to:

Loose removable denture: people who wear removable dentures know the real struggle of chewing with loose dentures. For a retention of denture, it covers the maximum area of the mouth so it’s very difficult in some patients who have severe gag reflex. Implant supported denture has no extra flanges so you can enjoy your food like natural teeth.

Tooth Stains

Dental Implants vs Real Teeth

Severely broken or damaged teeth: damage or broken teeth expose the teeth nerve and due to that there are chances of pain. Patients will not be able to enjoy their food due to pain and infection.

Tooth Stains

Mobile teeth due to the advanced stage of pyorrhea: it is not possible to chew your food efficiently with loose, mobile teeth. Patients with severe gums disease have problem like pain, Swollen and bleeding gums, recurrent infection.

Tooth Stains

So, to overcome the above problem and enjoy your food like natural teeth Dental implants are the best and reliable resolution to restore teeth function as natural as their own teeth without any doubt. To understand the longevity and strength of dental implants, certain things you have known about dental implants.

Dental implants: are they better than real teeth?

● Strength of surrounding bone:
The most important factor for long durability of dental implants is your jawbone. Dental implants which are supported by good quantity bone have higher chances of survival for lifetime than in patients who don’t have enough bone to support implants. Because of this, pre-scanning of the jaw and necessary bone grafting procedure is recommended to increase the bone quantity before or after placement of dental implant in such cases.

Natural teeth have their own ligament on the root surface which is attached to gums. So natural teeth have micro mobility during chewing function, but dental implants are fixed inside the bone due to that they are stronger compared to natural teeth.

● Oral hygiene:
oral hygiene is very important if you want your dental implant to survive lifelong. As poor oral hygiene and food accumulation can damage natural teeth and make gums weaker, the same thing is applicable to dental implants as well. Long term food accumulation damages gums and bone which support dental implant so ultimately you can lose your dental implant if you neglect the proper hygiene.

Proper brushing and flossing as advised by the dentist are necessary. At every 6 months dental follow up needs to get it done.

● Not susceptible to cavity:
Natural teeth are prone to decay and break down once the enamel gets damaged. Dental implant screw is made up of titanium, which is precious metal, so it won’t rusted. The other parts and crown are made up of ceramic and metal alloy which are not affected by bacteria, so they are going to serve you longer.

● Health of adjacent teeth:
Earlier there were only two treatment options available to restore missing teeth which is removable denture and dental bridge.

In case of Removable denture as it takes support from adjacent teeth with wire in long term it can affect the healthy teeth due to force.

To make a dental bridge we need to take support from adjacent teeth, and we need to shave them down to get a cap. So ultimately to restore one tooth we are sacrificing other teeth.

With the help of dental implants, we can maintain the health of adjacent teeth much longer.

● Health of patient:
A healthy individual has a higher success rate of dental implant compared to people who have diabetes, heart disease, bone disease or long-term immunosuppressive disease.

Smoking and other tobacco chewing habits can also affect the survival rate of dental implants.

Most dental implants look and feel like your natural teeth as dental implants and final teeth are made with special design so you can enjoy your food.

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