The Best Treatment for Gap Teeth to Give a Better Look – Close Spaces Between the Teeth

Patient visited a US Dental Clinic with the chief complaint of broken front upper teeth. Patient did not have pain, but he wanted the broken parts to be repaired as soon as possible as in two days he had to attend a very important function. We had advised different options to get a beautiful smile like dental veneers, composite veneers, or composite filling. Veneers are made in labs and those are highly polished and there is no chance of discoloration after cementing dental veneers. However, due to his personal schedule he wanted to have something which can be done on the same day. Therefore, we decided to do composite fillings in the upper front two teeth.

Gaps Between Teeth Before – Here are the Pictures of the Procedure Before

Can Root canal treatment be painless?

Composite fillings were done in the upper front two teeth. We had filled those teeth and along with that we closed the gaps in between two teeth to give a better look.

Gaps Between Teeth After – Pictures after the Filling are as Below

Can Root canal treatment be painless?

Patient looked into the mirror after finishing the procedure and he was fully satisfied as he got a new smile. He was also a little nervous when teeth were broken. But now he feels more confident as he can attend functions with a smiling face.

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