How Much Does All On Four Dental Implant Treatment Cost?

Dental implants are the best way to get fixed teeth as they give more natural feeling than any other prosthesis like removable or crown and bridge. With the advancement in dentistry, now you can get fixed temporary teeth within a week and permanent teeth minimum after 3 months of implant surgery.

Many of us want to get fixed teeth but we are afraid of extensive surgical procedures like sinus lifting. So, all on four is the nicest option for you!

What is All on Four Procedures?

Can Root canal treatment be painless?

In the concept of All on four implants, there are 4 implants placed (2 in front side and 2 in Back side) in one jaw. Front 2 implants are placed straight whereas 2 back implants are placed tilted. With the help of 4 implants, you can get a minimum of 12 teeth in a single jaw which will help you to chew. That will also fulfill the purpose of esthetic (looks). Because of the position of All on four implants, we can avoid such surgical procedures. This is the biggest advantage in all on four implant procedures in terms of cost too since we are only exploiting a minimum 4 implants per jaw.

What are the steps in the All on Four procedures?

  1. All the teeth are extracted, and implants are placed on the same day under local anesthesia.
  2. Temporary prosthesis is given during recovery period. So, you will not be without teeth after extraction and implant surgery till the time we give permanent teeth.
  3. After the healing period, permanent prosthesis is given which will have more esthetic value and with more teeth than temporary prosthesis.
  4. Patient should use a water flosser to clean the fixed prosthesis.

Cost of All on Four Dental Implants include:

  • Extraction of all teeth or removal of old bridges or crowns
  • All on four implant surgeries
  • Acrylic temporary prosthesis
  • Permanent teeth set (acrylic).

Additional cost may include:

  • Surgical guide – (which will help clinician to place implants in a more accurate position as this procedure is technique sensitive procedure.)
  • Bone grafting – Bone grafting is done in some areas that will be included as an additional cost because it depends on the case and amount of bone grafting is done.
Cost of all on four dental implants always depends on the brands we use. It generally starts from INR 1,50,000 per jaw. Bone grafting procedure costs you around INR 15,000 per side one jaw. This cost generally involves acrylic (hybrid denture) in permanent prosthesis. There are other options for permanent prosthesis like:
  • Acrylic with titanium sub structure (bar)

    Can Root canal treatment be painless?

  • Porcelain fused metal prosthesis
  • Monolithic zirconia screw retained prosthesis
  • PROCERA prosthesis.

    Can Root canal treatment be painless?

Cost is different for all permanent prostheses. Your doctor will guide your which prosthesis is suitable and best for you.

Therefore, if you are looking for fixed prosthesis which should be cost – effective too then All on four is great technique to get fixed teeth done.

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